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Mousses & Foams

Whether your hair is straight or curly, a good mousse hair product will make it big, bold and full of bounce! It lifts the hair up and adds gravity-defying volume - never again will you have to deal with locks that are limp and lifeless. And unlike a gel which provides firm control but can come with a crunch, the right amount of hair foam sculpts your hair while leaving it feeling soft and looking completely natural.

Our haircare experts have curated a collection of all the very best hair mousse brands and products around, from cult favorites such as DevaCurl through to salon professional brands such as R+Co.

FAQs on hair mousses & foams

What does hair mousse do?

Use mousse for big hair that makes an even bigger impact! You can think of hair foam as a 2-in-1 volumizer and control product. It swells up once dry to pump your hair full of texture and body, while also delivering light or medium hold which will keep frizz and bay and ensure your style lasts all day. When used on wavy or curly hair, it also adds beautiful definition.

How much hair mousse should I use?

The right amount of hair foam will depend on your hair’s length, but it’s important not to use too much. An excessive amount of hair foam can dry the strands, make your hair look greasy, and leave your locks feeling hard and crunchy. Start with an egg-sized amount of mousse for hair that’s shoulder length or longer, or a quarter-sized amount of mousse for hair that’s shorter, and add more as necessary.

Do you use hair mousse on wet or dry hair?

Using mousse on dry hair can make it look dull, so it’s best to always apply it to damp, towel-dried hair before drying or styling. Be sure to comb it through to ensure even distribution and avoid clumping.