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Teami Blends Matcha 4 oz

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Teami Blends Matcha unveils the age-old secret of traditional tea ceremonies, bringing forth a vibrant green hue and earthy flavor right to your cup. This fine powdered green tea has been revered for centuries, offering both a unique taste and captivating color.


  • Captivates with its rich and vibrant green hue, elevating the visual appeal of your tea ritual
  • Presents an authentic and earthy flavor, ideal for those seeking an original matcha experience
  • Versatile in use, allowing for preparation in various ways from traditional tea to lattes and culinary dishes
  • Provides a momentary escape, connecting you to time-honored tea traditions with every sip

How to Use:

  1. Begin with fresh, filtered water, heating it until just before boiling.
  2. In a bowl, sift a teaspoon of Teami Blends Matcha to prevent clumping.
  3. Pour a small amount of water into the bowl and use a bamboo whisk to mix into a smooth paste.
  4. Add more water to your preferred consistency, whisking briskly to produce a creamy froth.
  5. Pour into your favorite cup, inhaling the gentle aroma before immersing yourself in its verdant taste.

Key Ingredients:

Green Tea Powder: Processed in a special way to create matcha's signature powdered form, these leaves are responsible for the tea's distinctive color and authentic flavor.

Dive into the lush landscapes of traditional tea gardens with every sip of Teami Blends Matcha. As you whisk the vibrant green powder, imagine the tranquil tea fields where these leaves were carefully cultivated. Each cup encapsulates the art of tea-making, whispering stories of ancient traditions and the mastery of artisans. As the steam dances upwards, let your mind wander to serene settings, allowing the day’s worries to drift away. This is more than just a beverage; it's a journey through time, connecting past rituals with present moments, reminding you to pause, breathe, and truly savor.