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Eminence Vanilla Cream Antioxidant Mineral Foundation .28 oz

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Treat your skin to an all-natural pressed mineral powder that offers buildable coverage for an even complexion. Infused with protective antioxidants like rosemary, acai berry, green and white tea, this sheer mineral foundation provides a flawless finish while nourishing the skin.

Vitamin content provides nutrition and antioxidant protection for the skin
Complexion appears even, flawless and smooth
Provides a silky matte finish to the skin
Long wearing, even coverage

All skin types, light skin tones

For a flawless and evenly blended application, apply with an Eminence powder brush. Swirl the brush in the powder and tap off the excess before applying to the skin. Gently sweep the brush across your entire face and neck in a light, circular motion (do not press). Repeat until desired coverage is achieved. Spritz the skin with a tonique of your choice to set the colour.

Rosemary Extract: A natural astringent, eliminates free radicals and slows aging
Vitamin A: Ensures natural growth and development of cells and keeps skin healthy
Vitamin E: Prevents against damage from free radicals and sunlight to the skin
Aloe: Powerful antioxidant and anti-irritant, moisturizing
Acai Berry Fruit Extract: Rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that promote nourishment and toning of the skin.