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The Cool Fix Shaveworks Pearl Souffle Shave Cream 5.3 oz 156 ml

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Pearl Souffle is a shave cream that slows hair growth, exfoliates, reduces irritation and nourishes for silky smooth skin.

Apply a thin layer of Pearl Souffle Shave Cream to legs, bikini, or underarms. For bikini area, shave downward with the grain at first, to minimize ingrown hairs, and then shave upward against the grain for a close shave. For legs and underarms, shave against the grain in upward strokes. Rinse the razor blade after every other stroke. Rinse with warm water. Finish by applying The Cool Fix liberally on shaved areas to reduce redness and bumps.

Phytic and Glycolic Acids – Exfoliate skin and release ingrown hairs