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Best Hair Style Products for Thin Hair + Hair Stylist Tips

Best Hair Style Products for Thin Hair + Hair Stylist Tips

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Hair plays a huge part in our identity. Our hair is one of the first things people notice and there are so many different ways to express ourselves through our hair. When you have a good hair day you feel like you can conquer anything. But as we age, it’s more likely that we will start to experience hair thinning at the temples or on top of our heads, and styling it won’t be as easy as it was in our 20s. Hair plays a big part in our confidence and when you begin to lose your hair, you can feel like you’re losing a part of yourself. But don’t worry, we have all the tips and tricks to ensure that you feel better than ever and can combat this very common concern.

About one third of women experience hair loss at some point in their lives. Two thirds of post-menopausal women suffer from hair-thinning or bald spots. For men it’s even more common. By the age of 21, 25% of men will experience hair loss. By age 35 approximately 66%, and by age 50, 85% of men experience this. Androgenic Alopecia (AGA) is the most common hair loss disease in the world and is mostly caused by stress. Male pattern baldness (MPB) usually manifests as a recession of the frontal hairline. Female pattern loss (FPHL) presents with diffuse hair loss over the middle scalp, the crown, and can show up as balding spots. Sometimes, you’ll get hair thinning on one side only.

What causes it? Androgens, a hormone found in both men and women, are important in regulating hair growth. Increased levels of androgens in hair follicles can lead to a shorter cycle of hair growth and shorter, thinner strands of hair. There’s also a delay in the growth of new hair to replace strands that are shed.

Graph showing hair cycle

It’s no surprise that we do not feel great when we start to experience this, but it’s important to understand that there are many ways to address this concern. The way you style your hair is such a simple and inexpensive way to immediately have your hair appear fuller and thicker. Something as simple as parting your hair to the side can give your hair volume and fullness around the face. Try to avoid a center part because it can make your hair appear flatter. I know the whole trend now is a middle part, but don’t let Gen Z determine how you live your life. Rock that side part!

A trip to the salon can do wonders in building your confidence when it comes to your thinning hair. Your hair technician has tons of knowledge when it comes to this and they can recommend the perfect cut and look to update your do. When you have hair loss, it’s a common misconception that not cutting it and letting it grow out will make it look thicker. This is so untrue though! Cutting your hair creates more volume. Long hair tends to weigh it down, making the hair look stringy and flat. Fine hair tends to look best when cut at the collarbone or shorter, and blunt cuts can give the appearance of thicker hair. Try opting for a shorter cut with micro layers. For Black hair, ask your stylist about sisterlock styles for thin hair which can give it a fuller appearance and even cover bald spots if done well. As our hair adapts, we have to as well. So even if you’re nervous to try a new cut or style, trust in the process and believe that your hair tech has your best intentions in mind.

One big no-no in styling thin hair is cutting your bangs. It’s almost never a good decision to go for bangs but in this case it’s like life and death. Women lose hair at the crown of their head so you’re literally taking hair away from where you need it most. Instead, add texture around the face. When explaining this to the hair tech, make sure you express the word texture and not layers. It will make hair look longer and fuller. Always add a darker color to the root which will create the illusion of depth and can camouflage thinner hair. You can experiment with root sprays or shampoos before committing to permanent color.

When it comes to styling thinning hair, you want to style it when it’s slightly dirty. So about your second or third day after washing is perfect. It keeps it fuller and can hold on to the style easier. If your hair tends to look a little greasy by then, Boldify Dry Texturizing Spray is a fabulous dry shampoo for thin hair.

Hair style product for thin hair

So, what about the actual style? For women, one of my favorite choices for thinning hair are tape in extensions. They give you length, volume, texture, and the most important of all, confidence! Tape in extensions are the least damaging because they are not chemically glued to the hair. They won’t pull out your existing hair and they are very easy to install and maintain. When going in for a consultation, your stylist will color match you and then order the perfect length and color for you. You also have the option of doing clip-in extensions if you just want those long locks for specific occasions. They give you more freedom of choosing when and where you can wear them. For those who like to rock a pony, there’s a thin hair ponytail extension clip that will give you Ariana Grande vibes in a second. A great special occasion or wedding hair style for thin hair is a twisted down style. Low buns are a great style too. You can easily make it fancy with beautiful clips or accented bobby pins, or even use flowers to fill in the style.

For men, there are many ways to style or cover your thinning hair. You could opt for a close shave and remove everything, starting fresh. It’s great for guys who are just fed up with their styling routine and are ready to give that up. Many men reported feeling a confidence boost after busting out the razor and shaving cream. If you don’t want to take off everything, you could go for the close shave and then accentuate your facial hair. It can give men a very rugged and attractive look. The messy push is a great styling choice if your hairline has begun receding. Wherever you’re thinning, style your hair in the direction of that. It can shroud those areas and make it appear thicker.

Now let’s talk about the best women’s and best men's hair styling products for thin hair that can help you out. It’s crucial to carefully consider your hair care routine for thin damaged hair, both to enhance what you’ve still got and to ensure you’re avoiding things that could be exacerbating the hair loss, such as tight ponytails. For your at-home regimen, Boldify Hair Boost Shampoo is an excellent shampoo for hair growth, while the best hair styling creams for thin hair include the Surface Awaken Thickening Cream and Fatboy Styling Cream. You might also want to consider getting a keratin treatment for thin hair at your local salon.

Hair style product for think hair

If just switching up your products or styling your hair differently isn’t cutting it, you have to invest in key products that will actively stimulate hair growth. One of the best hair growth vitamin supplements to turn to are Nutrafol. This product is a major game-changer when it comes to thinning hair for both men and women. Nutrafol has no side effects, only side benefits. It’s all natural with standardized, medical-grade, bio-optimized botanical ingredients that targets root causes of poor hair health. They’re also gluten, shellfish and soy free with no artificial additives. What Nutrafol does is create a healthy environment for your hair that allows the vitamins to penetrate and do their job. They are backed by science and clinically proven to work. Now it’s not a magic pill, you have to take it every single day. But when taken properly it can lower stress levels, which we know is linked to hair shedding.

Natrufol hair styling products for thin hair

Another fantastic option is the Viviscal hair growth program, which combines supplements that treat thinning hair from within with the best shampoo and conditioner for hair growth, to optimize the scalp environment from the outside too. Viviscal for hair loss is a proven treatment program that actually thickens hair strands as well as increasing the number of them on your head.

Thinning hair doesn’t mean that your life is over. It just means you have to adapt and learn new ways of managing it. Almost everyone is going through the same thing so you don’t have to feel like you’re alone in this. At first it can be a little shocking and even upsetting, but it doesn’t dim your beauty at all. You can find different ways to style, color, and cut your hair to make it just as unique as you are. And when it comes to the best styling products for thinning hair, male and female brands alike offer a wealth of options that can transform your look.

Your hair is so much a part of you. And when you restyle or regrow your hair again, you can regrow your confidence.

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