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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →
Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Hair Accessories

Elevate your styling routine to be faster and more efficient with hair and beauty accessories for your hair styling tools. Curling iron stands and curling iron holders like the hot tools professional appliance caddy don’t just make your styling routine more efficient, they make it safer, too. When you’re using more than one hot tool, a hot tools appliance caddy can manage electrical cords and keep hair dryers and curling irons upright when you’re running low on space. Hair care accessories like hot brush stylers make blow drying the hair more efficient by combining a round brush with heat, making it easier to achieve a salon-quality blowout at home. 

Other hair accessories like hair dryer attachments can aid in blow-drying the hair. Hot air stylers like diffuser attachments and the DevaCurl Devafuser can be attached to your favorite hair dryer to diffuse the hot air as you style your hair. It’ll reduce frizz and leave the hair more hydrated than a traditional hair dryer. Other hair care and hair accessories like the Wet Brush Pro Brush Cleaner Purple by Wet Brush Pro will clean your hair brushes from buildup and excess hair to make your hair brushes look as good as new. At Editor’s pick, you’ll find plenty of hair accessories and beauty accessories to complete your hair care routine. We have hair accessories like the Amika flat iron from Amika, Hot Tools appliance caddy from Hot Tools, hair diffusers like the DevaFuser from DevaCurl, the CHI Iron Stand for flat irons, Color Wow Coconut Cocktail from Bionic Tonic, hot air stylers from CHI, Sebastian whipped creme, and some more lovely accessories.

  • DevaCurl DevaCurl DevaFuser Hair Accessories
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    DevaCurl DevaFuser

    Original Price ¥8,272
    Current Price ¥7,242
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    Product Details:Packaging may vary.This unique, universal diffuser is the best helping hand your curls could ever ask for. Its 360-degree airflow c...

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  • CHI CHI Iron Stand Hair Accessories
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    CHI Iron Stand

    23130 VIPick POINTS

    Flat Iron stand for storing your CHI Flat Iron. For counter top or mirror use. Ideal for salon and at home use. Made of PET plastic.Easy suction fo...

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  • Hot Tools Hot Tools Appliance Caddy Hair Accessories
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    Hot Tools

    Hot Tools Appliance Caddy

    Original Price ¥16,540
    Current Price ¥5,492
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    Product Details:Store and carry all your Hot Tools appliances and accessories quickly and easily whether in the salon, on shoots or when at home. T...

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FAQs on Hair Accessories

How can I organize hair accessories?

Hair accessories can easily become tangled and difficult to use without proper organization. Curling iron holders and curling stands make it easier to organize your hair accessories. These are made with heat-resistant materials and can hold your curling iron upright while allowing the electrical cord to pass through the back of the holder without becoming twisted. A curling stand is engineered to hold your curling iron while it’s hot in between uses. This makes for safer and more organized hair care. 

How do I use a hair diffuser attachment?

Hair diffuser attachments are designed to fit over the nozzle of a hair dryer to spread out the heat. Instead of a direct stream of heat, the hot air is diffused to cover a wider area of the hair which in turn reduces frizz and promotes shine by using heat indirectly. Hair diffusers are good for curly hair that’s prone to frizz and damaged hair that cannot take a lot of heat. 

How do I use the DevaCurl DevaFuser?

The DevaCurl DevaFuser hair diffuser attachment is like most hair dryer diffusers except that it is designed with a 60-degree airflow that surrounds the curls from the roots to the ends. This makes it faster and more efficient to diffuse your hair than with a traditional diffuser. The DevaCurl Devafuser is also engineered with a ceramic inner core that helps preserve moisture, reduce frizz, and promote shine. 

How do I use a hot brush styler?

Hot brush stylers brush the hair and dry it at the same time. Hot brushes reduce the need to blow dry the hair and then curl it separately with a curling iron. Hot brush styles are round and can be used to smooth the hair, create volume and create curl all while drying the hair.