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How to Look Younger With Simple Makeup Tips

How to Look Younger With Simple Makeup Tips

There comes a time when a full face of heavy makeup just doesn't make you look the way that you used to. Once most women hit a certain age, usually in their thirties, they notice that too much makeup only ages them. Once the days of sweating at a nightclub are over, layers of foundation, concealer, powder, and sprays are no longer necessary. Here are some easy tips and tricks to follow to take years off of your appearance, and maybe even spend less money on your routine!

Ditch the Matte Foundation

The most important tip for women with aging skin is to change up your foundation. As the skin ages, it begins to lose moisture and elasticity, and fine lines start to develop around the eyes, on the forehead, and around the mouth. A full-coverage, matte foundation will accentuate these issues and draw attention where you don't want it! Switch to a satin or dewy finish foundation.  These will give the skin a youthful, lit from within appearance. Fine lines will appear blurred, and the skin will look naturally beautiful. A tinted moisturizer that contains an SPF (sun protection factor) is also a nice option for aging skin instead of a full coverage foundation.

Simplify Eye Makeup

Another way to simplify your beauty regime while also achieving a more youthful appearance is to change up your eye makeup. After a certain age, eyeliner, several shadows, layers of mascara, and false lashes are just not necessary. Aside from taking a ton of time, all of these products can make the eyes look smaller and more tired. To open up the eyes and make them stand out, all that you may need is mascara! First, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. Then use 1-2 coats of your favorite mascara, not forgetting your bottom lashes.  If you would like to add some liner to your top lash line, start it about halfway across your eye and wing it out. The liner will give your eyes a lifted and wide appearance. Another simple trick is to line the bottom waterline with a flesh-colored liner. This technique makes the whites of the eyes seem bigger!

Change Blush Placement

The next way to update your beauty look is to change where you apply your blush on the face. Apply blush starting just past the apples with the brush placed high on the cheekbone. Sweeping the blush up, blend it out towards the temples. This technique will give your face a lifted and youthful appearance. After always being told to apply the product to the apples of your cheeks, it may be tricky to retrain yourself.

Following these few simple makeup tips to change up an old routine can have a major impact on how old you appear! It is easier than you think to simplify your staples while looking years younger. Think of these things the next time your heading out the door!

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