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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Beard & Mustache Care

Always be perfectly groomed with our luxury mustache and beard care products. From nourishing and softening beard conditioner to beard balm or wax for styling, these premium formulas will help you to grow thicker, more defined facial hair than ever before - and they all smell great too!

We’ve also included a selection of luxury beard washes in our collection, which are specially designed to cleanse your beard while refreshing and soothing the skin below. Whether you’ve got an artful stubble or a mighty beard, our mustache and beard care range will keep it looking tidy and feeling completely comfortable.

FAQs on beard & mustache care

Should I oil my beard every day?

How much beard oil you need, and how often, will depend on both the length of your beard and the climate you live in. Long beards tend to dry out quicker, so you may find that you need to use beard oil every day or even twice a day to keep yours soft and healthy. And if you live somewhere dry, you’ll likely need to use beard oil more frequently than someone living in a humid climate. Start out by using beard oil every other day, and increase if it’s still feeling dry or wiry. If it starts to feel greasy, reduce the frequency.

What is the difference between beard oil and beard balm?

Both beard oil and beard balm help to keep your facial hair (and the skin below it) moisturized, but they each have separate added benefits. One big difference between beard oil and beard balm is the consistency, with balm having a thicker, cream or paste-like texture. Beard oil nourishes and softens the hair while adding shine, while the richer texture of beard balm means it helps to shape and style the hair, plus make it look thicker. They are great complementary products, and many men choose to use both as part of their beard grooming routine.

How can I thicken my mustache?

Is your mustache looking thin or patchy? A little patience goes a long way if you’ve just started growing yours or are still young (the hairs get thicker as you get older), but we know what it’s like to feel impatient! If you’re looking for a quicker fix, mustache wax, beard wax or beard balm are all great products which temporarily thicken the hair, for the illusion of a much fuller ‘tache. Just remember that having a slight gap in the middle is completely normal.