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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Shaving and Hair Removal Products

Get a cutting-edge shave with our curated selection of shaving creams, oils, foams and soaps, plus soothing aftershaves and high-quality hair removal tools. Whether you want a high-tech electric shaver or you like to keep it old school with a razor, with Editors’ Pick, either way you’ll get your closest shave ever!

We’ve sourced premium brands such as Jack Black Shave or Anthony shaving products, to make this everyday home task feel like a trip to the most luxurious of barbers. But if you’re looking for more of a “just rip it off and get it over with” solution for your face or body? From color-changing wax hair remover beads to applicator sticks, we’ve got everything you need for an easy at-home wax too.

FAQs on shaving and hair removal products

Which method is best for hair removal?

That depends on lots of things! If you’re not scared of a little pain, wax hair remover beads offer a ‘one and done’ solution, giving you skin that stays hair-free for weeks at a time. Get even better results by adding a pre-wax skin prepping spray into your hair removal routine.

For those who’d prefer to stick to shaving, we offer both traditional razors and electric shavers for women and men. Electric shavers mean less risk of cutting the skin, but don’t tend to deliver quite as close a shave. Always use a specially designed shaver for women’s bikini lines to minimize the risk of irritation.

For an ultra-smooth finish when shaving, we recommend using a manual razor as well as a really good shaving cream to ensure it can glide smoothly over the skin. Follow up with a soothing and anti-bacterial aftershave balm, which will cut down on post-shave irritation and ‘bumpiness’ so that your skin stays looking smooth and unblemished. (And yes, aftershave for women exists too!)

Which hair removal method lasts longest?

Results from shaving only last around 1-3 days as the hair follicle remains intact, whereas it typically takes hair 3-6 weeks to grow back after waxing because the follicle is pulled out.

Less common hair removal techniques include hair removal cream which gives similar results to shaving since it doesn’t penetrate and affect the follicle, and sugaring which does remove the hair follicle and hence lasts up to six weeks.

Wondering if there is a way to permanently remove hair? There is indeed! The hair removal methods that truly last the longest are electrolysis and laser hair removal. Laser hair removal damages hair follicles, leading to less-dense hair growth or ‘permanent hair reduction’, while electrolysis completely destroys hair follicles for permanently hair-free skin.

Will my body hair ever naturally thin out?

As we age, the number of active hair follicles per square inch of skin decreases. This is why the hair on our head thins, but the same thing happens elsewhere on your body too! At the same time, the actual hair strands can become finer and therefore less noticeable. 

While hair loss can begin as early as your twenties, it typically doesn’t occur until much later in life. So if you want to be perpetually smooth and hair-free in the meantime, you’ll need to keep up your hair removal regimen or invest in a permanent treatment from a professional.