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Hair Styling Products

Hair gels make excellent additions to your hair care routine when you want to set your hair in a specific style or slick your hair back without the use of hair spray. Hair styling gels for women and men are formulated to coat the hair and lock it in place to harden the hair into a particular hairstyle. You can get pomade hair gels, strong-hold hair gels, defining hair gels, curling gels and hair gels for wavy hair. 

They aren’t just for straight and short hairstyles, either. Those with natural and curly hair can benefit from the right curly hair gel that can set curls in place, preserving the delicate curl pattern and prolonging the style in between washes. Natural and curly hair types can benefit from hair styling gels to keep their desired hair styles in place.  At Editor’s Pick, we offer the best hair gels for all hair types, including American Crew for men, Jack Black, pomades for men from Rusk, the best strong hold hair gel from Tigi, strong hold gel for 4c hair from Mizani, gel with strong hold for natural hair from Moroccan Oil, hair styling gels from ColorProof, pomades for short hair from Aveda, curly hair gels from Oribe and Ouidad and hair gel for children from Fairy Tale. We also offer the DevaCurl hair gel line including DevaCurl for wavy hair, DevaCurl hair gel, Deva ultra gel, DevaCurl gel and DevaCurl ultra defining gel.

FAQs on Hair Styling Products

How do I style my hair with gel?

To apply hair gel, start with damp, clean hair and take a small amount of hair gel onto your fingertips. If you wish to slick your hair back, evenly rub your hands through your hair to gently distribute the product through your hair in the direction you wish your hair to go. If you wish to preserve your curls or a certain style, take your hair gel into the palm of your hand and lightly scrunch your hair upwards working in sections to lock the style in place.

Can I apply hair gel to dry hair?

While you can apply hair gel to dry hair, you will get the best effect when hair gel is applied to wet or slightly damp hair that is clean and free of sweat or buildup. This allows the hair gel to bond with the hair and hold the style well. 

What is the best hair gel for natural and course hair?

The best hair gel for natural hair are water-based hair gels such as DevaCurl hair gels. These hair gels are for men and women, and they have an adequate amount of hold. While course hair requires a stronger hold than wavy and fine hair, water based hair gels do a good job here.  

What is the best gel to slick back hair?

Pomades, which are thicker than oil-based hair gels, are the best gels for slicking back hair. It is better suited for shorter hair since it can be heavy and weigh the hair down when too much is used. 

How much can I rely on hair gel to keep my hair in place?

A reliable hair gel is one that is strong enough to style your hair type without weighing it down. Most gels will meet the criteria, though some will hold the style for longer than others. This also depends a lot on your hair type and the style of your hair. Some hair types lend themselves better to certain styles, and will remain styled longer. 

People with coarser hair such as those with curly and natural hair can use strong hold gel for 4c hair, ultra defining gels and extra strong-hold hair gels. For those with finer wavy hair, the best hair gel is one that is lightweight with a medium hold, such as the Devacurl gel for wavy hair. Pomade hair gel is best for men and women with short hair.