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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Hair Color

Express yourself with hair color. Whether you’re looking for the best professional hair color brand to cover gray and get the color of your youth back, or the best hair lightening spray to give you beach blonde highlights, we offer a wide variety of hair color products to meet your every hair color need.  For those who wish to go from light to dark, you can use professional hair color to dye your hair a different shade. If you have darker hair and wish to go lighter you can lighten your hair with a hair lightener for dark hair such as hair lightening cream, hair lightening gel and hair lightening powder. 

Shop all of the best hair color products in one place! From popular blonde shades such as Pravana 7N and Pravana 8N, to the richest of jet blacks or the brightest of pinks, our salon quality products will allow you to have the hair color of your dreams without compromising on its condition.

FAQs on Hair Color

What is the difference between hair colors and lighteners? 

Hair colors are hair dyes that add pigment to the hair such as blonde, brown, black, or even bold colors like pink and blue. Hair lighteners lighten the hair to display a softer hair color of your existing hair color.

How do I apply hair color products?

Each hair color and hair lightener has its own set of instructions that the product comes with, and should be followed accordingly. The general idea for application, though, is to mix the product (or combination of products) well, apply it to your hair, and let it sit in your hair for some time before shampooing your hair. Since each hair color and lightener product is different, though, make sure to follow instructions for the particular hair color product you're using.  

How can I figure out which hair color will best suit my needs?

In general it is best to stick with a hair color that is the same tone as your skin. For instance, if you have a warm skin tone you should choose a warm hair color. If you have a cooler skin tone, choose a cool hair color. Some people like to go for extra sparkles! If that describes you, choose a selection of your favorite colors and have fun coloring your hair every single one of your favorite colors.