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Cyber Week Sale Up to 92% Off →

Hair Dryers & Styling Tools

Hair styling tools such as hair dryers and curling irons are an integral step in most people’s hair care routine. From creating a bombshell blowout to effortless curls, hair styling tools are essential for almost every hairstyle you wish to achieve. Not all hair styling tools are the same though; it’s important to choose a hair styling tool that will be the best for your hair type. 

When choosing a hair styling tool, look for a reputable brand to ensure you’re getting a high-quality hair tool that’s safe to use on your hair at high heat. A higher-quality hair styling tool such as a hair dryer with a comb attachment, a curling iron and a cordless curling iron will be created with better technology to provide a much more efficient hair styling experience. This will give you less heat and a more optimal hair dryer temperature to reduce heat damage. At Editor’s Pick, you’ll find a wide selection of high-quality hair styling tools from reputable professional hair care brands. You can buy a lightweight hair dryer from Amika, the best blow dryer for natural hair from Hot Tools, blow dryers for thick hair from BaByliss Pro, hair dryers for men from Rusk, kids hair dryers from Revlon, the best hair dryer for thin hair from GHD, lightweight hair dryers from T3 Micro, curling wands from CHI, curling irons from Hot Tools, one step hair dryers from Revlon and curling wands from T3 Micro. 

  • T3 Micro T3 Micro Cura Hair Dryers & Styling Tools
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    T3 Micro Cura

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    Award-winning quick-drying, frizz-defying hair dryer enhanced with T3 Digital IonAir. The innovative technology combines digitally-controlled heat ...

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    CHI Rocket Dryer

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    Rocket Hair Dryer is built with 1800-watt motor, so powerful yet lightweight. It promotes moisture and shine in the hair while reducing frizz and s...

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FAQs on Hair Styling Tools

What type of hair dryer should I use?

Choose a heat styling tool and hair dryer according to the type of hair that you have. The best hair dryer for curly hair is a hair dryer with a comb attachment to straighten the hair, or a hooded hair dryer that diffuses the heat to reduce frizz and preserve curls. For those with natural hair or thick hair, a hooded hair dryer or a hair dryer bag are good choices as these can diffuse heat all over the head to dry thicker and natural hair faster than a traditional hair dryer. For those with fine hair, kids' hair, and men with short hair, a lightweight hair dryer or low wattage hair dryer is ideal as these use less power. 

How do I use a curling iron?

Place the end of your hair section in the curling iron and gently close the clamp over it. Then, twist upward, gently wrapping the entire hair strand around your heat styling tool. Hold the hair section in the curling iron for 1-3 seconds before releasing. Continue all over your head or wherever you wish to place a curl. 

How do I detangle curly hair before using a hair styling tool?

It’s important to detangle curly hair before you use a hair styling tool such as a hair dryer or curling iron. To detangle curly hair, gently brush through your hair in small sections with a brush or comb. For especially curly, tangled hair, you can apply a detangler, leave-in conditioner or other treatment that adds moisture to the hair to help your brush glide through the hair more easily.