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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezer

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Product Description:
A stainless steel tweezer with a custom-slanted top and calibrated tension to pick up the smallest of brow hairs.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers define brows with professional accuracy. Crafted from the highest quality steel, this tweezer features a custom-slanted top and calibrated tension to pluck even the finest hairs with ease. While some tweezers sheer the hair off, causing hair to grow back in more quickly, this one has the perfect tip—which never needs to be sharpened—and is calibrated to tweeze even the tiniest hairs right at the root.

Why you’ll love these ABH tweezers:
Handcrafted and made to last
Micro-fine tip removes hair from the root without breakage or skin irritation
Protective cap preserves tension when not in use
Never needs sharpening

How to use the ABH tweezers:
Carefully tweeze hair, always remembering to pull in the direction of hair growth. Use Anastasia After Tweeze Cream to moisturize and soothe after tweezing.