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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Yellow Colorwash 8.25 oz

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Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Yellow Colorwash is your secret weapon for infusing vibrancy and brilliance into your hair. This dynamic colorwash seamlessly combines color enhancement with cleansing, delivering a salon-esque experience, every time you wash. Revel in the glory of refreshed and vibrant yellow hues, all while enjoying the silky smoothness of deeply nourished hair.


  • Enhances the depth and luminosity of yellow tones in your hair
  • Gently cleanses to keep hair's natural shine intact
  • Combines the dual benefits of color rejuvenation and cleansing

How to Use:

  1. Begin by wetting your hair completely.
  2. Pour a generous amount of Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Yellow Colorwash onto your palms.
  3. Gently massage into your hair and scalp, creating a lather.
  4. Let it sit for 2-5 minutes, adjusting the time based on desired color intensity.
  5. Thoroughly rinse out the colorwash and follow up with a conditioner of your choice.

Key Ingredients:

  • Coconut: Known to provide natural shine and resilience, ensuring your hair looks radiant and feels robust.
  • Glycerin: Helps retain moisture in hair, promoting hydration and reducing frizz.

Indulge in the allure of sun-kissed yellow locks that mirror the radiance of golden hour. With every wash using Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Yellow Colorwash, you’re not just cleaning your hair—you’re embarking on a color adventure. Imagine the golden strands flowing down your back, shimmering with every turn and drawing admiration from every corner. Make every day feel like a walk under the golden sun, with your hair singing praises of its vivid color. Embrace the brilliance, the shine, and the unmatched vibrancy. Let Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Yellow Colorwash be the beacon that guides you to hair perfection.