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Dermacol Satin Make-Up Base 30 ml

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Dermacol Satin Make-Up Base sets the stage for impeccable makeup application. With a velvety touch and a satin finish, this makeup base elevates your makeup routine, ensuring longevity and a smoother canvas, enhancing the beauty of any foundation applied over it.


  • Provides a smooth base, allowing makeup to glide on effortlessly
  • Ensures makeup longevity, keeping your look fresh throughout the day
  • Offers a satin finish that illuminates the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types, from dry to oily

How to Use:

  1. Start with a cleansed face.
  2. Take a pea-sized amount of Dermacol Satin Make-Up Base on your fingertips.
  3. Gently apply it all over your face.
  4. Allow the base to set for a minute before applying foundation or other makeup products.

Key Ingredients:

  • Cyclopentasiloxane: Provides a silky, smooth feel and helps in spreading other ingredients easily.
  • Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer: Offers a mattifying effect, reducing the appearance of oily shine.

With Dermacol Satin Make-Up Base, say goodbye to patchy foundation and hello to a flawless finish. Its unique formula ensures that your makeup looks professionally applied, remaining vibrant and in place no matter how long your day is. The subtle illumination it provides allows your skin's natural beauty to shine through, making you the star of any room you walk into. So, for those days when you need your makeup to stay put from morning meetings to evening events, trust in Dermacol Satin Make-Up Base. Experience the difference and let your confidence soar.