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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

EltaMD Laser Balm Post-Procedure 3.8 oz

by EltaMD
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EltaMD Laser is formulated in an opaque, non-water-soluble ointment. EltaMD Laser melts upon skin contact, penetrating to help dry and damaged skin retain its natural moisture. It will not irritate the most sensitive skin and may be applied as often as needed.

Keeps post-procedure wounds moist and prevents crusting
Concentrated moisturizer to help facilitate recovery following CO2 laser, erbium laser or dermabrasion
Moisturizes and strengthens damaged skin

For best results, apply EltaMD Laser to moist or dampened skin. Use the moisturizer liberally and reapply as often as needed.

Petrolatum: Aids in moisture retention.