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Keratin Complex Intense Rx 3 oz

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Damaged and over-processed hair requires extra care, and with the Keratin Complex Intense Rx, you can improve your hair’s strength, reduce breakage and mend split ends every time you use it. The keratin complex intense repair serum helps restore hair health by reinforcing damaged hair with keratin protein that protects and smooths hair before blow-drying and heat styling. With each use of this keratin boost hair serum you’ll see stronger, smoother hair, and achieve overall healthier hair in no time.

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for all hair shades and hair types
  • Protects hair during blow-drying or flat ironing
  • Concentrated formula repairs damage and rebuilds strength
  • Keratin boost hair serum that can be used as a heat protectant
  • Hair serum for dry, frizzy and damaged hair
  • Lightweight, frizz-fighting formula
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair

Skin Concerns: Color-Treated hair, Keratin-Treated Hair, Over-Processed Hair, Frizzy Hair, Damaged Hair

How to apply:

How to Apply: The Keratin Complex Intense Rx can be used as a split end serum on wet or dry hair on a daily basis. After washing your hair, apply a dime-sized amount through damp hair and evenly distribute it while focusing on the ends of the hair and avoiding the scalp. This keratin complex serum can be used before heat styling to protect hair from blow-drying and hot tools. When hair is dry, this split end serum can be used in between washes to nourish split ends and revitalize hair.


  • Keratin Complex Signature 3-Protein Blend: A proprietary blend of three naturally-derived proteins from soy, wheat and keratin. These essential proteins help rebuild the amino acids that protect the hair and rebuild damaged cuticles.
  • Arnica Montana Flower Water: Adds hydration and shine to hair while taming flyaways and frizz

Product Size: 3 oz.

Product Count: 1

Professional Results

  • Users consistently praise Keratin Complex Intense Rx as one of the top hair serums for repairing split ends and preventing hair breakage.
  • For 8 years Keratin Complex has won the Behind the Chair Stylist Award for their Favorite Smoothing Treatment formulated with their signature protein blend that repairs damaged hair.

Professional Tips

Less is more with the Keratin Complex Intense Rx for split ends. A small amount is all it takes to style or smooth your hair throughout the day, as the keratin complex intense repair is a concentrated formula.

About the Brand

Since 2007 Keratin Complex has brought the power of keratin to users all over the world to straighten, repair and protect hair. Their unique formulas are engineered with a proprietary Keratin blend that eliminates frizz, restores shine, strengthens the hair shaft and softens strands for healthy, vibrant hair.

At Editor’s Pick, you can find the Keratin Complex hair product line of blow dry aids, styling products, at-home keratin treatments and shampoos and conditioners. You can benefit from professional keratin for yourself without ever having to go to the salon.


Why is hair serum important?

Hair serum is important to use when your hair is damaged or dry, as hair serums contain higher concentrations of ingredients such as keratin and other nutrients that rebuild and moisturize the hair cuticle. Hair serums also increase the manageability of hair by making it easier to style and reducing frizz.

Does hair serum damage hair?

Hair serums contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals and do not damage hair. Additionally, hair serums like the Keratin Complex Intense Rx are formulated with keratin, the same protein that occurs naturally in healthy hair, and works to restore the hair cuticle after damage.

Where do I apply hair serum?

Hair serum should be applied throughout the hair, especially on the ends of the hair where hair tends to be the driest and most brittle. You should avoid applying hair serum to the scalp as this can make the scalp appear greasy.

Can hair serum be used as a heat protectant?

Not all hair serums can be used as a heat protectant, so it’s important to choose a hair serum that offers heat protection if you will be using it with a blow dryer or heat styling tool. Split end serums like the Keratin Complex hair serum can be safely used as heat protectants for hot tools and blow-drying.

Can I apply hair serum to dry hair?

Hair serums are very versatile. You can apply hair serum to wet or dry hair depending on your goals. If you wish to use your hair serum as a heat protectant or style aid, should apply it to wet hair. If you want to use it to tame your frizz or condition your hair throughout the day, you can apply it to dry hair.

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