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Wet Brush Pro Detangler Pink

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Experience an exceptional difference in your daily hair care routine with Wet Brush Pro Detangler in a vibrant pink shade. With its unique IntelliFlex bristles, the brush glides effortlessly through hair, reducing the possibility of breakage and pain often linked to tangles.


  • Enables easy detangling
  • IntelliFlex bristles reduce the likelihood of hair breakage
  • Suitable for all hair types, whether wet or dry
  • Comes in a bright and attractive pink shade

How to Use:

Begin brushing from the ends and gradually work your way up towards the roots. Can be used effectively on both wet and dry hair.

Key Components:

IntelliFlex Bristles: These innovative bristles provide flexibility, helping to detangle without pulling or tugging.

Wet Brush Pro Detangler in pink is more than just a hairbrush. It introduces a whole new approach to hair care. Its IntelliFlex bristles are designed to glide through tangles without causing unnecessary hair breakage or discomfort. Regardless of your hair type - wet, dry, curly, or straight - this brush is a game changer. Even if you have extensions or wigs, this brush is a safe choice, working to reduce breakage while increasing detangling effectiveness. Its vibrant pink hue brings a touch of fun and brightness to your hair care routine. The Wet Brush Pro Detangler Pink is not just about dealing with tangles; it's about turning your everyday hair care into a more enjoyable and gentle experience. Discover a new level of comfort and ease with this remarkable brush.