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Daily Hair Care Routine: Expert Tips And Advice For Glam Hair

Daily Hair Care Routine: Expert Tips And Advice For Glam Hair

Expert Advice On The Best Daily Hair Care Routine

We all have routines that we live and swear by, ones which are essential to our daily life. Whether it’s the time we wake up each morning, drinking green juice to kick-start the day, or indulging in a nightly skincare ritual, most of us have something to give us a sense of regularity in our lives. It’s no different when it comes to your hair.

A hair care daily routine is essential in order to give your hair the love and care it needs to perform well. While it may take some time and frustration to figure out exactly what the best daily hair care routine for you should look like, especially when there are many new hair and beauty products coming out all the time, once you have things down pat, looking after your hair should be smooth sailing.

Daily Routine For Hair Care

Self-care has found itself in the spotlight as of late, and a daily dose of hair care is a great way to pamper yourself. But between TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube it seems that everyone has a solution for everything, and that doesn’t necessarily make it easier for us! It can feel very overwhelming to receive lots of contradictory advice.

And whether you’re wondering how to take care of wavy hair or how to take care of natural hair daily, it’s important that the routine you follow is tailored to your hair type. What works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you.

However, regardless of your hair type, a holistic hair care routine can be broken down into three main elements: washing, conditioning, and protecting against damage. Start with these and then add in other products, such as hair growth enhancers, as necessary.

Hair care with blowdryer

Step 1: Washing Your Hair

How often should you wash your hair? Which brands should you use? What if you have curly hair, or straight hair, or colored hair; what should you do then? First things first, over-washing your hair isn’t good for any type of hair, especially curly or wavy hair. Your hair has an array of nutrients, oils and proteins in it that help protect it from all sorts of damaging factors. If you over-wash your hair, you are stripping it of all of those wonderful items and leaving it exposed to the elements, which will cause your hair to become dry. So try limiting your shampoo days to about 2-3 times a week, or only when really necessary.

When it comes to choosing basic hair care products, make sure they are sulfate and paraben free. Sulfates strip oil from your hair which can make it look dull or lifeless, and parabens are chemical preservatives that have been shown to negatively effect your hair and scalp. Two amazing companies that are sulfate and paraben free are Oribe and R+Co. They have tons of products geared to specific types of hair. Oribe is a little more luxurious in price but both companies are fabulous. And as a bonus their products smell absolutely heavenly!
Now on days where you wake up looking like the Wicked Witch of the West, there is your trusty dry shampoo to the rescue. Dry shampoo absorbs oil in the hair so just spray it on the roots, or the areas where there is grease buildup. This will help your hair last until your next wash, so you can space actual shampoos a little further apart.

Shampooing hair

Step 2: Conditioning Your Hair

Let’s talk conditioner. Your daily hair care routine isn’t complete without a little conditioner to moisturize those strands. Hair can get dry very easily so it’s very important to not skip this step! (And doubly so when it comes to daily hair care for dry hair.) Conditioner also helps to smooth down frizz and flyaway strands.

With conditioner, less is more, so use sparingly. Only apply enough to coat the hair mid-shaft, down to the tips; try to avoid the roots directly. That’s where most of your oil buildup will occur so you do not want to over-do it there. Always leave the conditioner on for a couple minutes, almost like a treatment, and then wash it through. Leave-in conditioner is an alternative if you’re in a rush ─ you apply it post-shower on damp hair from the mid-section to the ends. It can make your hair feel healthier and look shinier.

Just like your skin, your hair needs weekly treatments, as well, to function at its full capacity. A deep conditioning treatment every week can help maintain the quality of your hair by intensely nourishing it. Deep conditioners are packed with essential proteins and nutrients that can give you that salon-worthy look and feel. They’ll make your hair look and feel healthier, and can also make it shinier and bouncier.

If you are prone to excess flaking I would recommend adding a scalp scrub to your weekly regimen. It helps to exfoliate the scalp and allow it to breathe. It assists in getting rid of product buildup from the week; more than just what a shampoo would do. The final step would be to add a little oil to the ends of the hair. This will hydrate the strands and prevent split ends.

Holding wet hair

Step 3: Heat Protection

Now this is the most important part of your daily hair care routine. No matter your hair type, heat protectant is key. Heat damage can cause your hair to get split ends and the hair strand to break off. Your hair can also become frizzy, dull and dry.

It’s best to avoid applying heat to your hair altogether, or at least infrequently. If you’re like me though and can’t leave the house unless you’ve blow dried and straightened/curled your hair to death, then you should think about incorporating a heat protectant to your morning hair routine. After you shower and while your hair is still damp, you’re going to run this product through your hair with your fingers and then brush it through to make sure you’re covering every strand. A great product is the Balm d’Or by Oribe. It’s a light lotion that doesn’t weigh your hair down and it will shield your hair from any unwanted heat damage.

Also, consider investing in some salon-quality tools. High-quality devices can be a bit pricey, but when it comes to the integrity of your hair, it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

Girl grinning while doing daily hair care

Step 4: Environmental Damage/Disruption Protection

Now what about protecting your hair against other elements? When it comes to your hair, we all experience the wrath of the rain. The humidity certainly does not have my best interests in mind. The second I step outside on a cloudy day, my hair turns into a poof-ball. So I like to add in an anti-frizz product that will help my strands behave and stay smooth.

When it comes to the sun, you definitely want to be careful, especially if you have colored hair. The sun can dull your dye and make it look less vibrant. You’ll want to cover your hair as much as possible when in direct sunlight, so throwing on a cute hat wouldn’t be a bad thing. You also want to protect your scalp too. It can become irritated and even get burned! It’s not like we expect you to put sunscreen in your hair, but try to avoid shampooing the night before a beach day. The oil and skin cell build up on your scalp can actually create a natural shield against UV damage. And you’ll also be rocking some gorgeous beach waves, which is a plus.

Creating A Daily Hair Care Routine For Hair Growth

Once you’ve got your basic daily hair care routine sorted, you can begin to address other issues such as hair loss or slow-to-grow hair. For these, you can add hair growth supplements to your diet that ensure your body has all the ‘building blocks’ it needs to create strong and healthy hair, as well as pick out products specifically designed to create a healthy scalp environment that will also promote better hair growth. Viviscal’s Thin to Thick shampoo and conditioner is one such option that works fabulously well.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment

Don’t be afraid to test new things until you find the best daily hair care routine for you. I know that picking the right products for your unique hair needs can be daunting, but once you find a routine that works, you’ll be so happy you did. We all know that when we have a good hair day, nothing can stand in our way - we might even switch our cameras on during our Zoom meetings!

Invest a little money and time in perfecting your holistic hair care routine, and you and your locks will thank you for it. I know mine did!

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