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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Body Treatments

Whether you’re after a targeted product or a whole body treatment, find what you need to soothe, relieve or repair a wide range of skincare conditions with our treatment-focused body care range.

Struggling with cellulite? Smooth it away with a skin-tightening or retexturizing body cream. Tired feet, or weary legs? Revive them with a refreshing lotion made with cooling ingredients, or treat yourself to a soothing foot cream. Expectant mother? We have everything from skincare for preventing or erasing stretch marks through to soothing nipple cream. And there’s more: dry skin treatments, rough skin treatments, acne treatments… with Editors’ Pick, you’ll be feeling healthier and more comfortable than ever before!

  • Mama Mio Mama Mio Lucky Legs 125 ml Body Treatments
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    Mama Mio Lucky Legs 125 ml

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    Product Details:REFRESHING FOOT AND LEG HYDRATORExpertly formulated to provide refreshing relief to weary pins, this uplifting gel helps to reduce ...

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FAQs on body treatments

Are body lotions safe?

That all depends on what’s inside! It pays to do your research and steer clear of ingredients which may be harmful for your skin or your overall health, such as parabens and phthalates. What body lotion do dermatologists recommend as safe? CeraVe products are frequently highlighted as being both very effective and very gentle, just as one example.

It’s also important to use body lotions only as directed - don’t, for example, try to use a general body cream as a soothing vaginal cream if it states for external use only, or it might have quite the opposite effect to what you intended! Using a body lotion for your face is also not recommended, and may lead to breakouts.

What is the difference between body cream and body lotion?

Both body cream and body lotion are, at a very basic level, a mixture of oil and water. Lotion however has a higher percentage of water, which makes it runnier.

So how does body cream work compared to lotion? Well, lotions can sometimes be a little less effective at hydrating dry skin because they’re more diluted, whereas a body cream creates a much better barrier to trap in moisture. But on the other hand, a lotion absorbs quickly and is less likely to feel greasy. Many people find they prefer a body cream in winter and a body lotion in summer.

How much body lotion to use?

Probably less than you’re thinking! If you’re doing a whole body treatment, a dollar-sized amount of lotion is usually enough to keep all of your skin feeling supple and healthy. Apply it both morning and night, unless the product instructions say otherwise.

If you’re using a body cream, the thicker consistency often makes it harder to spread in which case you’ll need to use a little more to cover the same area. But first try emulsifying it in your hands before applying, which warms the cream up and makes it more liquid.