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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →
Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Costume Makeup

Create stunning Instagram, cosplay or Halloween costume makeup looks with these highly-pigmented products! Choose from powder, stick, cream or liquid makeup in an array of vibrant colors, plus dazzling glitter particles and non-drying stage blood for whichever type of finishing touch your chosen look calls for.

Alongside makeup for costumes, we also carry crepe hair - as used on stage and on television - in a variety of colors for creating exceptionally realistic fake beards, sideburns, mustaches, or even a full face of werewolf fur!

FAQs on costume makeup

How do I apply costume makeup?

These professional costume makeup products are highly pigmented, meaning you shouldn’t need to use much more than you would a regular makeup product, such as foundation or eyeshadow. They’re designed to provide full, long-lasting coverage that can withstand the heat and sweat that comes with stage lighting, but if you’re headed to an all-day event, you may wish to use setting powder to enhance their durability even further. Check out our range of high-quality makeup brushes and sponge applicators if you’re in need of a few new tools.

Crepe hair can be applied via your choice of spirit gum or liquid latex.

How do I remove costume makeup?

Although makeup for costumes is designed to be richly pigmented, professional costume makeup such as what you’ll find here at Editors’ Pick is also designed to be easy to remove. Soap and water is often enough, but if not, your regular makeup remover should do the trick.

How do I keep costume makeup from smudging?

After you’ve spent an hour carefully creating a stunning Halloween costume makeup look, the last thing you want is for it to smudge! Setting powder or a makeup setting spray such as  OFRA Cosmetics Makeup Fixer will make a really big difference, and if you’re applying multiple layers of makeup, it can be helpful to ‘set’ each one as you go.