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Foot Exfoliators & Scrubs

Our feet bear the brunt of our work and carry us around day in, day out. Why not treat our feet and legs to the care that they deserve with a foot scrub or foot exfoliator? Foot scrubs and exfoliators come in all types of formulas and work to exfoliate the skin by sloughing off dead skin cells. Foot scrubs and foot exfoliators can exfoliate physically through the use of physical microbeads, or chemically through the use of acids such as AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acid) and plant-derived extracts. Another way to exfoliate legs and exfoliate dry skin is to use an exfoliating tool such as a foot exfoliator sponge or exfoliating body sponge. 

Foot scrubs tend to be physical exfoliants and come in products such as exfoliating sponges, exfoliating pads, exfoliating tools, and hand and foot exfoliating scrubs. Food exfoliators that exfoliate chemically come in exfoliating foot creams, exfoliating pads and hand and foot exfoliating scrub. Whichever way you prefer to exfoliate dry skin, Editor’s Pick has some of the best foot scrubs and foot exfoliators that you can buy online. 

FAQs on Foot Exfoliators and Scrubs

How do I get the dead skin off my feet?

To exfoliate dry skin on your feet and legs, the first step is to choose a good foot scrub or foot exfoliator tool. Begin by softening your feet in warm water. After your feet have soaked the dead skin will be easier to shed. Begin your foot scrub by using your exfoliating tool or your exfoliating foot cream and moving back and forth over the area with dry skin using moderate pressure. As you exfoliate back and forth you will shed the dead skin from your feet with the exfoliating tool or exfoliating scrub. Depending on the severity of your dry skin, you may have to exfoliate your legs and feet more often. 

What is the difference between a foot scrub cream and a foot peel?


Foot scrub creams and foot peels are both ways to exfoliate dry legs and feet. Foot scrubs are physical exfoliants, meaning they contain microbeads that exfoliate by physically sloughing off the dry outer layer of the skin. Foot peels are chemical exfoliants that shed the dry outer layer of the skin by using AHAs, BHAs and other plant-derived extracts which initiate skin cell renewal and shed the old skin, while replacing it with newer, smoother skin. 

What is the best foot scrub?

The best foot scrub and foot exfoliator will depend on which type of exfoliator you want. If you have severely dry feet you should get a foot exfoliator that is an exfoliating foot sponge, such as a pumice stone. This is very gentle on the feet and ideal for more frequent exfoliation. You can also choose exfoliating pads with AHAs and BHAs to chemically exfoliate. An exfoliating scrub physically exfoliates with tiny beads. They are stronger and ideal for severely dry and cracked feet.