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Face Sunscreens

The number one skincare product everyone should be using on a daily basis? Face sunscreens! Not only do they significantly lower your risk of skin cancer, but nothing ages your skin faster than UV radiation. Start using a good facial sunscreen spray now, and you’ll save yourself a fortune in anti-aging treatments in the long run.

The Editors’ Pick team has curated this collection of premium face sunscreens to include something for everyone. Pick from a variety of formats including lotion, powder, mist or spray, plus choose between sheer coverage that won’t interfere with your makeup or a tinted sunscreen spray for face protection that doubles as a complexion enhancement.

FAQs on face sunscreens

How much sunscreen do I need to apply to my face? 

You should always use a liberal amount of facial sunscreen spray or lotion, as too thin a layer won’t provide the full SPF protection listed on the packaging. A nickel-sized amount is usually sufficient to cover your entire face, but don’t forget that you need to reapply it every 2 hours to maintain maximum protection. If you’ll be wearing makeup, we recommend keeping a mist-style facial sunscreen spray in your purse such as Coola Classic Makeup Setting Spray SPF30 for on-the-go top-ups.

Can I use facial sunscreen on my body? 

While face sunscreens can technically be used on the body too, you’ll quickly find yourself running out. A sunscreen for face is typically sized assuming you’ll be applying it to a small area of skin only, so it’s more economical to purchase a separate body sunscreen.

Wondering why you can’t just use body sunscreen all over to streamline your beach skincare routine? The skin on your face tends to be more sensitive and more prone to breakouts, so face sunscreens are designed to have a lighter, gentler formula. A body sunscreen that leaves your arms and legs glowing may just look greasy when used on the face!

Can I use expired sunscreen?

Sunscreens degrade over time, rendering them less effective. While an expired sunscreen may be better than no sunscreen at all, you can’t be sure how much protection you’re actually getting against sun damage - it could be very little. The safer and more sensible choice is to replace body and face sunscreens as soon as they expire.

What is the best way to remove sunscreen from my face?

Water alone won’t be enough to fully remove face sunscreens, so be sure to use a facial cleanser or makeup remover. If your facial sunscreen spray or lotion is oil-based, either an oil-based cleanser or micellar water is the best option.