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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Face Concealers

From illuminating under-eye concealer wands to full-coverage face concealer that will effectively camouflage acne or hyperpigmentation, we’ve got everything here that you need to brighten and even out your complexion, whatever your skin tone. And with liquid, cream, pencil or powder formulations, there’s something for every skin type and makeup preference too.

Looking for something a bit more advanced than a basic face concealer? Try one of our multi-tonal corrective palettes from Glo or Jane Iredale, which use color science to cancel out everything from dark circles to redness. Or, want to erase significant scarring? You’ll love Dermacol Make-Up Cover. With 50% pigments, it’s truly the best concealer for surgical scars on the face - it’ll even cover up a tattoo!
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FAQs on face concealers

How should I put concealers on my face?

The answer to where to put concealers on your face will depend on what your goals are. If you are looking to cover up acne, apply your face concealer directly onto the blemishes or acne scars. To brighten your under-eye area, dot the concealer in a triangular pattern below your eye and blend - this will avoid an obvious color change between your under eye area and your cheek below, which can happen if you apply face concealer in a straight line.

You can also use concealers for face contouring by applying them at the corners of your mouth, in your cupid’s bow and just below your bottom lip, down the center of and around the creases of your nose, above and below your eyebrows, and in the center of your brow. Glo Liquid Bright Concealer in High Beam is an excellent face lifting concealer thanks to its ultra-brightening, highlighting effect.

Planning to also wear foundation? Most makeup artists recommend applying foundation first and then face concealer on top, but the truth is there’s no hard and fast rule so feel free to experiment and see what works best for you.

How do I remove concealer from my face?

Since face concealer is designed to be highly-pigmented - necessary for a full-coverage effect - your regular cleanser may not be up to the task without a lot rubbing (which could irritate the skin). If this is the case, use a micellar water to lift up as much of the product as possible, followed by toner to remove any remaining traces that may otherwise clog up your pores.

What is the best concealer for scabs on face?

When applying concealer on the face, a dermatologist will probably tell you to avoid areas of compromised skin. But when you’re dealing with pimples, cold sores or other scab-inducing imperfections, we know just how tempting it can be to dab a little concealer on top to cover them up!

Start by applying a primer to create a smoother base, so that the concealer glides on flawlessly. Then very gently, tap the face concealer on top using a beauty blender or concealer brush; don’t rub or press too hard, as you might break the scab and interrupt the healing process. Build up the coverage layer by layer until you’re satisfied, and set it with a powder if you’re worried about it wearing off. The best concealer for scabs on face will be a full-coverage one which is also easy to blend, such as the creamy Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer.