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Viviscal Hair Growth Treatment

Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Treatment – How Does it Work?

All of us lose numerous hairs every day – as many as 150 is perfectly normal! We simply don’t notice it under normal circumstances because at the same time, an equal number of new hairs are growing in their place. When hair loss becomes excessive or fewer new hairs begin to grow, however, things change. Any of these conditions can lead to visibly thinning hair, or even areas of complete baldness.

The Viviscal professional hair regrowth system is a holistic treatment option that nourishes the hair both from without and from within. It’s been a trusted, clinically-proven solution for over 25 years, and fights hair loss on three key fronts: It leads to more hairs, thicker hairs, and reduced hair shedding. To understand just how it works, we first need to examine what causes hair to get thinner in the first place.

Viviscal hair growth products

What causes hair loss?

Age and genetics

So many different things can lead to hair loss, but one of the most common is simple genetics. If one of your parents developed a receding hairline or bald patches as they aged, then chances are high that you will too. Another big reason for age-related hair loss is that the number of hair follicles per square-inch of scalp decreases as we age, so every part of your head eventually has fewer hairs on it.

Health and medications

Alternatively, hair loss is sometimes a side effect of medications (which can include everything from cancer treatments to contraception), or a result of hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, menopause, or thyroid conditions. It can also be caused by stress.

Hair Styles

Did you know that your receding hairline could be caused by your ponytail?! When hair is under regular or constant strain, it’s more likely to get pulled out sooner than it would have fallen out naturally. This is called traction alopecia. So if you often have your hair in tight or heavy braids, or pulled back into a tight ponytail, that could be causing or exacerbating the problem.

Poor nutrition

Finally, your diet also plays a significant role in your body’s ability to grow strong, thick hair. Numerous vitamins and nutrients have been shown to be essential for healthy hair, such as Vitamin C, Biotin, Niacin, Iron, Zinc, and proteins. While Viviscal hair growth tablets can have beneficial effects regardless of the cause of your hair loss, if it’s your diet that’s the main issue then you stand to notice an incredible difference when you start taking them!

What is Viviscal hair treatment?

The Viviscal professional hair growth system includes both the Viviscal supplements and a 3-step hair care system to simultaneously boost hair volume and scalp health from the outside. Together, they don’t just create the illusion of having more hair – clinical studies have proven that Viviscal actually increases the number and thickness of hair strands, for authentically fuller hair!

Topical hair-volumizing treatments can only do so much, and often their results are temporary. To really improve your hair’s health and appearance, you need to focus on building strong hair from the very beginning – when it’s growing inside the follicle.

80-90% of your hair is actively growing at any one time, with the rest of it waiting to fall out. Each individual hair strand remains in this growing phase (called the ‘anagen’ stage) for 2 to 7 years, and getting plenty of the necessary nutrients for hair growth can help to prolong how long it stays there for before shedding.

In the 1980s, a Scandinavian professor studying the Inuits discovered that they owed their fabulous locks to their protein-rich, fish-based diet. Protein is the primary building block of hair, and without enough of it the strands will be weak and prone to damage. There are many different types of protein however, and he was able to isolate the specific protein molecules that were key to the Inuit’s exceptional hair health. It’s those proteins that were used to create the proprietary AminoMar C® marine complex that’s in all Viviscal tablets (alongside a blend of other vital nutrients for hair growth).

There are three types of Viviscal tablets available:

Viviscal Extra Strength hair nutrient tablets include the AminoMar C® complex plus Biotin, Vitamin C and Iron which enhance both the health of your hair follicles and your body’s ability to metabolize (and hence make use of) proteins.

Viviscal Professional Strength hair nutrient tablets contain a higher concentration of AminoMar C® complex than the previous two, plus three additional hair-enhancing ingredients not found in any other Viviscal products (apple extract, L-Cysteine and L-Methionine) which makes them the best choice for those with significant hair loss. Usually only available through physicians and salons, we have Viviscal Professional hair growth supplements here at Editors’ Pick!

Viviscal for men is the original formula, primarily delivering the AminoMar C® complex plus herbal extracts that increase hair strength.

Viviscal hair growth products for men

Viviscal Thin to Thick Shampoo & Conditioner

Alongside their supplements, the Viviscal product range also includes a volumizing hair care line that helps to support new growth. It does this by creating the ideal scalp environment for healthy hair follicle function, supercharging hair growth and allowing your body to really make the most of those Viviscal hair vitamins and nutrients you’re providing it with.

Step 1: Viviscal shampoo. Fortified with another exclusive and naturally-derived ingredient complex, Ana:Tel™, this hair growth shampoo for men and women contains Zinc for a healthy scalp plus Keratin and Collagen for thicker hair.

Step 2: Viviscal conditioner. Also containing Ana:Tel™, this ultra-nourishing formula delivers more of those hair-strengthening and scalp-perfecting ingredients while also softening the hair and infusing it with a delicate, botanical scent.

Step 3: Viviscal elixir. This non-greasy, leave-in treatment coats the hair strand without weighing it down, to continue delivering the Ana:Tel™ complex benefits throughout the day.

When used together, this Viviscal hair growth shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment combination will lead to hair that’s full of body and healthy shine!

Viviscal hair growth FAQ

Still have questions about how Viviscal works or whether it’s right for you? Here are some of the most commonly-asked questions about using Viviscal for hair loss:

Does Viviscal really regrow hair?

The Viviscal reviews really speak for themselves – this stuff works! In a 2011 consumer study, a whopping 93% of the brand’s customers said they’d recommend it to a friend.

And if you’re looking for more medically-proven evidence, that’s available too. Viviscal’s efficacy is backed by numerous clinical studies, such as one 6-month, placebo-controlled study in 2012 that found it led to a 125% increase in terminal hairs (the thick type that we have on our heads) and another 6-month, placebo-controlled study in 2015 that found it led to a 12% increase in hair diameter.

How fast does hair grow with Viviscal?

You won’t see immediate results – with this or any other hair growth supplement brand. Quite simply, that’s because our hair grows slowly! The Viviscal tablets work by providing the hair follicle with everything it needs to build stronger, healthier hair moving forwards, so you’ll see results as that newly-created section of hair grows out away from the scalp. Most Viviscal users notice a difference within 3-4 months.

In the meantime, the Viviscal Professional shampoo and conditioner can help to thicken existing hair, reduce further hair loss, and seal the hair cuticle to minimize further breakage.

Are hair growth supplements safe?

While we can’t speak for every hair supplement out there, Viviscal hair growth tablets are 100% drug-free and made from only natural ingredients. Of course, as with any supplement, you may wish to consult with your physician before starting treatment. Additionally, due to its marine-based AminoMar C® complex, Viviscal is not suitable for anyone with a fish or shellfish allergy.

How does Viviscal shampoo and conditioner work?

The key ingredients in Viviscal Professional shampoo and conditioner are Zinc, Keratin and Collagen. Zinc functions to regulate sebum production to rebalance the scalp, creating an ideal environment for healthy hair growth. Both Collagen and Keratin are proteins that are naturally present in the hair, and essential for its strength and elasticity. Viviscal hair care products therefore help to strengthen the hair strands as you clean and condition them, reducing further hair loss from breakage.

Viviscal hair growth shampoo
Can Viviscal increase men's body hair growth?

Yes – Viviscal isn’t only for the hair on your head. Whether you want to grow a thicker beard or have more chest or leg hair, Viviscal is one of the best hair products for men with thin hair anywhere. That doesn’t mean it will cause unwanted or unexpected hair growth patterns (according to the Viviscal website, no such results have been reported), but rather that it works in harmony with your body’s natural hair cell cycle to maximize the health of the strands that are already growing.

Where to buy Viviscal hair vitamins?

You can buy Viviscal right here at Editors’ Pick. And why choose us? Because not only do we ship within one business day – and on the same day you order if we can – but we also offer free shipping and free returns on every order to a US address (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico).