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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Bubble Baths & Soaks

Unwind at the end of the day with our luxurious bubble bath and bath soak range. We’ve also curated a collection of indulgent bath oils, bath salts and salt scrubs which will leave your skin feeling silky soft and smelling utterly divine - so every bathtime feels like a trip to the spa!

Whatever your goal is - to nourish, detox, smooth, brighten, or simply relax - we’ve got the best bath enhancer for it. Try treating yourself to a de-stressing soak with Aveda’s Stress Fix salt bath crystals, or get your glow on with Elemis’ Salt Glow scrub which exfoliates while adding a nourishing veil of oil. Also by Elemis, the Cellutox herbal bath soak is a great way to detoxify skin, and their Musclease Bath Therapy is a fabulous bath soak for soak muscles. We even have dry skin bath soak for babies to soothe and prevent eczema, plus chloroxylenol-infused GEHWOL bath soaks to protect your feet against fungal infections.

FAQs on bubble baths and soaks

Are bubble baths good for you?

Absolutely - if you’re using the right bubble bath products! While some cheap bubble baths or DIY bath soak recipes simply create lots of foam without really doing anything beneficial for your skin (or may even contain ingredients that dry or irritate it), every product in our premium bubble bath soap collection has been selected for its skin-enhancing and/or mind-calming properties. Whether it’s softening your skin or helping you sleep better, these luxury formulations do so much more than simply create bubbles. It’s worth noting though that if your skin is easily irritated, you should pick a bubble bath for sensitive skin or look for terms such as ‘mild’ and ‘hypoallergenic’ in the description.

And what about similar products? What is the benefit of a bath soak for example, or what are the benefits of a salt bath? Just like bubble baths, these products typically release both a skin-enhancing cocktail of ingredients (such as essential oils or Deep Sea minerals) into the water, and a relaxing/energizing scent into the air around you. The difference is simply that they don’t (typically) create any bubbles, and salts will take a little time to dissolve into the water compared to a liquid formula.

How much bubble bath should I use?

A little often goes a long way. Check the product packaging for any directions, but as a rule of thumb, 1-2 tablespoons per tub of water is enough to get the benefits. That is when we’re talking about bubble bath for women - or men! - so if you’re only filling a baby-sized tub for your little one, reduce the amount of bubble bath or bath oil accordingly.

How to make a bubble bath with lots of bubbles?

Love bubbles? Us too! Ensure you choose an actual bubble bath product rather than a bath soak, and pour it slowly into the stream of running water. Movement ‘activates’ the bubble bath, so water that’s running fast (or switching on your jacuzzi setting!) will create more bubbles than water that’s running slow, and you can also give the water a swish with your hands to create extra bubbles. Of course, you can also add extra bubble bath if you want things really foamy!