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Hair Care Gift Sets: A Perfect Gift Choice

Hair Care Gift Sets: A Perfect Gift Choice

The joy and anticipation of giving and receiving gifts is a feeling we’re all familiar with. Gifting grooming and self-care gifts is always a win: they offer the recipient small luxuries that we don’t often treat ourselves to, but appreciate having!

In the following sections, we’ll break down how to pick the best hair care gift sets for that someone special in your life. Let’s get started, shall we?

Hair Care Gift Sets

It's always best to do some research before choosing the hair product gift set you plan to gift someone with. One idea is to speak to a close friend or family member of the recipient for a good idea of what they might like. That generally gives you enough information to select a gift that will be very on target and appreciated by the recipient. 

Here is some of the information you want to gather before actually swiping that credit card: 

hair care gift set idea - basket with shampoo and conditioner

What are the Recipient’s Pain Points?

Dry hair, brittle strands, hair fall, frizziness, dullness, or a flaky/oily scalp—the problems we face with our hair are endless. Think about the hair type and challenges your gift recipient faces to figure out what type of hair care gift they will appreciate. 

For example, does the recipient deal with persistent issues you’re already aware of, such as thinning or balding hair? In that case, Viviscal products and kits will make a great hair care gift set. Their product range is vast and includes indulgent conditioners, elixirs, supplements, and shampoos, all formulated to encourage hair growth.

If your friend loves coloring their hair but has exhausted all options to care for it, then Redken’s Nature + Science Color Extend range will help them maintain their colored tresses for longer with fewer visits to the salon.

When treating brittle, lackluster hair, we’re big fans of brands such as Olaplex. Their range of hair care products is formulated to effectively restore the health of compromised hair by focusing on repairing bonds and preventing Cysteic acid formation. Whether it’s heat, mechanical, environmental, or chemical damage, Olaplex’s gift set promises (and delivers!) improved hair health. Few of us have truly perfect hair, so the award-winning Olaplex brand serves as an excellent starting point for hair care gifts for any hair type under the sun!

Don’t Know Their Hair Needs? Just Ask

Casually discuss your hair needs with the recipient, to see if they share information about her own hair care concerns. This will give you some good ideas on what their hair care needs are, and hence what type of gift will be appreciated and put to good use. This move is sneaky but effective!

Let’s say you discover how often they color their hair and which products they swear by. You’ll find that maintaining and caring for colored hair (especially bleached tresses) is tricky and time-consuming. This may tell you to choose a blonde hair care gift set, for example, which includes products that aim to restore the health of pre-lightened, compromised hair.

What if They Aren’t Particular About Hair Care?

Many people prefer not to spend too much time on a complex hair care routine. They like to keep things simple and basic. For such recipients, ask subtle questions to get a sense of their preferences. Then, look for low-maintenance gift options that will give your recipient good hair results without necessitating a huge amount of time and effort.   

Oil-based treatment options have many benefits, and they don’t often require a lot of time to apply. They come particularly handy for those with frizzy, fragile, and over-styled hair. How about gifting your recipient with a hair oil gift set that encourages easy care for their mane? It’s a fantastic choice to help them see how easy it is to make a big difference in their hair’s appearance. 

More Hair Care Gift Ideas Worth Exploring

Hair Care Accessories

You can also explore hair care accessories as gift options. A hairbrush set, chic accessory, or new release of a hair styling tools may be just the thing your recipient will enjoy. 

hair care gift ideas - accessories

Pre-Packaged Gift Sets vs. DIY

You can buy pre-packaged gift sets that come in limited edition or holiday-themed packs. Or, you can buy individual products from across different categories, and gift wrap them in a box or basket yourself. Adding a creative spin to the process makes the idea of gift-giving so much more special.

Gift Certificate

If you’re unsure about what your recipient likes or if you prefer they pick out products themselves, a gift certificate to your favorite cosmetic store is a good option which allows you to know your money is being well-spent. They’re also a great choice if you want to split costs with friends, family, or coworkers.

What Occasions Are Appropriate for Gifting?

Giving someone a gift can happen at any time of the year. But, it’s nice to keep track of special occasions and major life wins that are worth celebrating. Wondering when’s a good time to consider buying hair care gift sets? Read on to find out what some good gifting moments are. 


We LOVE prepping for holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Mother’s Day when the excitement of gift-giving is high. It’s nice to shop in advance after you’ve done some stealth research so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute. Remember, things quickly run out of stock, so it’s best to start shopping weeks ahead of time.

Milestone Moments

Major milestones like starting a business or buying a new home deserve to be celebrated. Gifting someone at this time is not only thoughtful and sweet but also kind and supportive.

Birthdays or Anniversaries

Special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries are the perfect time to spoil someone with hair care gift sets. These packs are usually curated with bestsellers or customer favorites, making them a failsafe pick for anyone.

Thinking of You

Does your BFF live in a different city or far away? Do you miss your partner when they’re  out of town? It’s nice to let them know they’re in your thoughts when they’re miles away, by sending them a cool and unexpected gift.

New Year’s Day

Encourage someone to get started on a good hair care routine that they’ve been putting off by giving them hair product gift sets they’re sure to love.

indulgent hair care gift sets - fruity hair treatments.jpg

How Much to Spend on Beauty Products as a Gift

The best part about hair care gift sets is that they tend to cost less than individually sold full-sized products. A hair gift pack also frequently comes in cute packaging, making it perfect for gift giving. Hair product gift sets can cost anywhere between $10 to $100, or more, depending on the volume of the products.

We suggest picking a gift based on the occasion and how much you’re willing to spend in one go. If you’re a regular gift giver, it’s smarter to work with a budget of $25 to $40 so that you’re not financially uncomfortable with the idea of gifting. You’ll also find that shopping during seasonal or promotional sales can help you save big on hair care gift sets. 

A hair gift set sale also lets you buy from luxury brands at a steal instead of full price. Keep track of major sales throughout the year and not just around the holidays for the best steals. 

Include a Note of Appreciation

Don’t forget to add a little note of appreciation for the recipient to read. This gives your gift a personal touch, and makes it all that more meaningful. It’s not just about the joy of giving, but also the joy of contributing to the recipient’s sheer happiness with long-lasting words of appreciation which warm the heart long after the gift has been used up.

Exchanges and Returns

It’s best to let recipients know where you ordered the gift set from so that they have an option for exchange, if they want to swap it for another product. Exchanges and returns are often possible, depending on the product type or reason for return. As the giver, it’s always better to look through the exchange and return policies before shopping for a gift, and make sure the recipient will have the option to replace the gift item in case they cannot use it.

Editors’ Pick Return Policy for Gifts

At Editors’ Pick, we have gift-friendly return policies. We encourage our shoppers to explore our refund policy section covering everything you need to know about exchanging or returning online items. For any questions or guidance regarding popular gift choices, you can reach out to us at, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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