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How to Look Good on Zoom

How to Look Good on Zoom

Easy Makeup Tricks to Try On Your Next Zoom Meeting

Before the pandemic, Zoom meetings were virtually unheard of. But now, it has become the norm. Without a doubt, Zoom is the best way to have a meeting while enjoying the comfort and safety of your home. In a lot of ways, it makes you feel as if you're sitting on a conference table with your colleagues instead of balancing your laptop on your bed.

Despite the efficiency of Zoom, it also poses unique challenges - one being that it's almost impossible to look fresh over a computer screen. If you are looking to up your makeup game, we've got the perfect tips for you.

Go for luminous skin

First of all make sure that you're not sitting under harsh light, since this can create shadows on your face. You can try to sit by a window or any opening where there is enough natural light seeping in. This will fill out your face and make it brighter.

If you want to take the extra leap, get an illuminating foundation. This will even out your skin tone and give you a little glow. Laptop cameras pick up light well, so this will show off your radiant skin. Then, just use concealer to cover dark circles. This will brighten up your whole face. If you want to pick up the light more, add highlighter to the high points of your face.

Pouty lips

Chances are, you've seen countless tutorials on Tiktok or Instagram on how to over-line your lips. If you haven't done this before, it may seem intimidating to try in person. Thankfully, Zoom is forgiving, and no one will be able to tell if you over-lined your lips over the screen. Think of it this way - now is the best time to try out new makeup techniques and trends.

To over-line your lips, simply find a lip liner that matches your lip color and use this to line your cupid's bow to get more definition. For your lipstick, use one that has a satin formula. Stay away from matte colors. Finish it up with a gloss, because the shine on your lips will make them seem bigger.

Doe eyes

If you've had a rough night or long day and you're exhausted, you want your eyes to appear larger since it will make you look more awake. To do this look, redefine your crease with a light brown shadow. Keep the shape rounded and follow your natural eye shape. Then, trace the eyeliner underneath your lash line to extend your eye perimeter and make it appear wider. Lastly, finish it up with two to three generous coats of mascara. For this look, mascara will give you the essential eye definition you need.

Blushed cheeks

For those who want to have a youthful flush, blush is key. Choose bright and warm shades, because cool tones will only translate darker on camera. Warm tones like peach and coral work well for this look. To apply blush, just sweep it high on your cheekbone and take it to the apples of your cheek.

You can also apply the blush on the bridge of your nose. To finish this look, swipe your blush across your temples and eyelids. This may sound weird, but it will help you achieve a healthy flush all over. The inverted V shape will also give your face brightness and dimension.

One-minute look

Let's face it- you can't spend two hours doing your makeup for a Zoom meeting. Everyone's easiest makeup look differs depending on their makeup habits and preferences, but this one is a no-fail. The secret behind this makeup look is to cut corners whenever possible. However, this look won't turn out great if you do not have a good skincare routine.

If you don't have enough time on your hands, just apply makeup to your lips, cheeks, and eyes instead of doing everything from the primer to setting spray. If you really need concealer, opt for buildable liquid formulas so you won't need a beauty blender. While you wait for your concealer to dry, move on to your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Do your make up on your webcam

When doing your makeup, do it on the device you'll be using for Zoom instead of your mirror. The camera in your computer will wash you out, and in some instances, even flatten your face. You need to see your work over the camera to get the full effect. If you feel like you're too pale, grab a fluffy brush and a bronzer and swirl it around the edge of your face. But don't worry. You shouldn't be aiming for perfection. If it looks like you did not apply enough, do it again.

Looking Good in Zoom Meetings Is Possible

In the last few months, a lot of people have been working from their homes. If you're one of these people, you may have skipped putting on makeup or fixing your hair for longer than society deems suitable. However, this doesn't mean you have to look wrecked during Zoom meetings. With the tips listed above, you'll look put together even if you're wearing sweatpants.

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