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Look Awake: How to Apply Makeup for Video Calls After Oversleeping

Look Awake: How to Apply Makeup for Video Calls After Oversleeping

Oversleeping can leave you with little to no time to prepare for your online video call. If you find yourself slicking your hair into a side-parted low pony, throwing on a collared shirt with your sweatpants, and only having five minutes left for makeup, these are the tips for you. It is possible to look refreshed and professional with very little time.

Moisturize that tired skin!

The first step to any makeup routine is always to apply a moisturizer. After a quick cleanse, gently pat a hydrating moisturizer into the skin. Your face will be luminous and primed for makeup. Also, it's critical to apply an SPF (sun protection factor) product even if you are staying indoors. Many moisturizers include an SPF, so check out the ingredients. Fantastic skin is the basis for any gorgeous makeup application!

Brighten the eyes

Since pink and red tones look exaggerated on camera, tired eyes can appear much worse. Pick up a bottle of brightening eye drops, and in about 60 seconds, your eyes will be much whiter. The drops work to constrict the small blood vessels on the surface of the eye for up to 8 hours. Nobody will know you just opened those eyes 15 minutes ago!

Conceal and contour

Pick a concealer a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. Apply with fingers to your under eyes, inner corners of eyes, bridge of your nose, and just above your jawline. This technique will brighten the eyes and contour the face. Adding some dimension with concealer is much easier than going in with multiple powders. If oversleeping for calls or meetings is an issue, concealer will make sure you look like you've been awake for hours! If you only have time for one makeup product, choose concealer.

Choose a vibrant blush for the cheeks

To avoid looking washed out on video calls, make sure to go for a blush a tad brighter than what you usually choose. A more saturated hue will give more life to your face. When applying, load an oval-shaped blush brush with very little product and build it up gradually. Lightly sweep the blush just past the apples of the cheeks, outward and up towards the temples. This method will give the face a lifted and more awake appearance. 

Apply some mascara

Use your computer camera to apply mascara so you'll be able to see exactly how you appear to others on the screen. Cameras and monitors have a way of making you look dull and different than how you may look in the mirror. Choose a black mascara to give the most definition and greatest brightening effect to your eyes. Also, curl the lashes first to help the lashes show up on the camera. Eyeliner is not necessary if you're short on time, but don't forget to apply a coat of mascara to the bottom lashes as well. 

Sculpt those brows

The eyebrows frame the face, and ignoring them can drag down your entire look. To give them definition and volume, use a brow brush to brush them upwards. Then, take a micro-brow pencil and create small strokes in the brow to fill in any sparse areas.

These easy-to-execute techniques are the basics that you can build on for a great routine. The next time you find yourself with minutes to spare on makeup for any video call, keep these tips in mind. No matter your profession, you will appear like a fully awake and thriving person when logging on!

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