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HairMax is the chemical-free way to reverse thinning hair. Clinically proven to regrow hair (and requiring as little as 90 seconds per treatment!) HairMax products use low-level laser therapy to boost hair density, reduce hair loss, and improve your overall hair and scalp health. The HairMax laser cap and laser band both provide a simple all-over solution, while the laser comb allows you to easily target and spot-treat problem areas.

For even more spectacular results, the HairMax shampoo, HairMax conditioner and Hair Booster complex help to address thinning hair with every wash, while the HairMax dietary supplement ensures that your new hair growth will be stronger and healthier than ever before.

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FAQs on HairMax products

How do HairMax products work?

HairMax laser devices use a clinically-proven, FDA-cleared technology to stimulate hair growth by energizing and ‘awakening’ dormant hair follicles, and simultaneously increasing delivery of oxygen and nutrients to ensure the follicle has everything it needs to grow strong and healthy hair.

The HairMax shampoo and conditioner are specially formulated to optimize scalp health and care for your hair so that it stays healthy and beautiful, while the Hair Booster complex delivers a powerful cocktail of active ingredients which address hair loss in multiple ways.

Finally, the HairMax dietary supplement ensures your body has everything it needs to grow healthy hair from the inside, such as nutrients that boost the production of hair-strengthening keratin.

How long does HairMax last?

All HairMax laser devices are designed to last up to 10-15 years. Only the highest-quality components are used, with each laser designed to last through 15,000 hours of use with no diminishment in power level.

How safe are HairMax products?

HairMax laser devices are FDA cleared, and proven through clinical studies to be safe and effective for both men and women to use. In addition, the HairMax laser cap, laser band and laser brush are all 100% safe to use after a hair transplant surgery. 

The lasers are gentle and do not give off any heat, so there’s no risk of burning your scalp. There have been no reports of any harmful side effects resulting from use of these devices.