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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Putties & Clays

Texture, shine, firm control hold… whatever your hairstyle calls for, give it what it needs with our collection of premium men’s hair clay, hair putty and hair pomade products. Sourced only from the very best brands, these hair styling products will whip your hair into shape without drying it out or making it stiff.

What is the difference between hair clay and hair putty? Clay has a creamier consistency compared to the thickness of putty. Use putty for hair styles that require strong hold or when you want to create a ton of volume, and use clay for hair styles with a more natural, lived-in look. Both have a matte finish, so if it’s slick shine you’re going for, pick a hair pomade instead.

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    Product Description:Texturizes and defines hair with a matte finish and adds thickness and long lasting control without flaking that will hold all ...

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FAQs on men’s hair styling products

Do you apply clay to wet or dry hair?

Hair clay can typically be used on either wet or dry hair, and usually give better results when applied to damp hair. However some formulations are better suited to use on dry hair. Therefore we recommend checking the packaging instructions on the specific product you choose before using it for the first time.

Can I use hair clay every day?

Yes, there’s nothing to stop you styling your hair with hair clay on a daily basis! A good men’s hair clay will contain nourishing ingredients, and exclude harsh or harmful ones, to keep your mane soft and healthy in between washes. Plus, clay is known for absorbing oil, so it’ll keep your hair looking clean for longer. If you notice a lot of product build-up though that’s making your hair dull or hard to style, it’s time to shampoo it and start afresh. 

Is hair clay stronger than hair wax?

Using wax or clay for hair tends to result in a similar, medium level of hold. The difference lies in the texture and definition: hair clay (and hair putty too) creates a subtle matte finish and is great for styles with a slightly messy texture, while oil-based hair wax tends to look shinier and is the better choice when you want a very neat, uniform look (such as a side part).