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Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Hair Color 3 ozAquamarine

by Pravana
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61.59 SR

Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Hair Color presents a vibrant escape into the world of long-lasting and luminous shades. Unveiling an enchanting palette, this hair color promises to transform your locks into a canvas of radiant hues that leave a lasting impression.


  • Achieve vivid, brilliant hair color that turns heads
  • Formulated for long-lasting color retention
  • Enhanced with ingredients known to provide a smooth texture to hair
  • Designed to suit a diverse range of hair types and shades

How to Use:

  1. Ensure hair is clean.
  2. Mix Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Hair Color as per desired shade and intensity.
  3. Apply the mixture to dry hair, ensuring even coverage from roots to tips.
  4. Let it sit for the specified duration based on your desired color intensity.
  5. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear, and style as you normally would.

Key Ingredients:

  • Silk Amino Acids: Known to provide a softer and smoother texture to the hair, giving it a luxurious feel.
  • Keratin Amino Acids: Help promote hair's resilience and impart a lustrous shine.

Dive deep into a world where hair color knows no bounds with Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Hair Color. Every strand becomes a testament to your artistic expression, echoing shades that resonate with your inner essence. Whether you're envisioning a bold transformation or subtle hints of unique shades, this hair color stands ready to bring your vision to life. With each application, cherish the symphony of hues that mirror your personality and style. Trust in the harmonious blend of key ingredients that not only color but also care for your hair. It's time to redefine your hair story, letting every shade and nuance speak of the beauty that's uniquely you.