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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →


Bath & Body Products

Everything you need for beautiful, glowing skin from head to toe! Start with our scrubs, soaps and shower gels to get your skin wonderfully clean, then follow up with our luxurious lotions and creams to nourish, hydrate and soften. Also featured among our bath and body products are a wide array of targeted treatments, from cellulite gels to cuticle care and smoothing foot peels. With Editors’ Pick, every inch of your body can look its absolute best.

Want to give the gift of beauty? Our pre-packaged women's bath and body gift sets and men’s bath and body gift sets are perfect for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.

  • Foreo Foreo ISSA Play Pearl Pink Electric & Manual Toothbrushes
    SAVE 10%

    Foreo ISSA Play Pearl Pink

    Original Price Dhs. 186.35
    Current Price Dhs. 167.59
    1676 VIPick POINTS

    Foreo ISSA Play transforms the way you view oral hygiene. With a blend of soft silicone bristles and gentle sonic pulses, it offers a distinctive c...

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  • Teami Blends Teami Blends Chai Tea 1.5 oz Herbal Supplements
    SAVE 23%
    Teami Blends

    Teami Blends Chai Tea 1.5 oz

    Original Price Dhs. 114.05
    Current Price Dhs. 87.69
    877 VIPick POINTS

    Teami Blends Chai Tea masterfully combines tradition and modern flair, serving up a rich symphony of flavors and aromas. Each cup offers a cozy emb...

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  • Teami Blends Teami Blends Alive Tea 1 oz Herbal Supplements
    Teami Blends

    Teami Blends Alive Tea 1 oz

    Original Price Dhs. 76.02
    Current Price Dhs. 75.80
    758 VIPick POINTS

    Teami Blends Alive Tea brings a delightful symphony of carefully chosen herbs, seamlessly blended to offer a rejuvenating beverage experience. Allo...

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FAQs on bath and body products

How can I create a luxury spa day without breaking the bank?

Can’t afford a day out at the spa? Create your own home spa day for a much more budget-friendly, but - if you do it right - no less indulgent experience! One of our bath and body sets, cheap candles (or fancy ones, but cheap will do), and a well-curated playlist is all it takes to trick your mind into believing you’re at an upscale spa.

Start by filling the tub using a deliciously-scented bubble bath, then turn the lights down low, light those candles and play some soft piano music or undersea sounds to create an ultra-zen mood. As for treatments, we recommend starting with an exfoliating scrub - don’t forget to give yourself a good foot scrub too for the full spa experience. After your bath, apply a hydrating oil or lotion to your entire body, slip into a cozy robe, and finish with a mani-pedi using your favorite nail polish.

Which bath and body products should I use for daily hygiene?

A great shower gel or body wash is essential. Choose one that contains hydrating or moisturizing ingredients, so it doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped. Once a week, add an exfoliating scrub before your body cleanse to thoroughly slough away dead skin cells, or if you’d prefer to keep the number of steps to a minimum, simply swap out the bath/shower gel for an exfoliating body wash such as the one in our Glytone KP or CeraVe SA body and bath gift sets.

After your bath or shower, apply a lotion - all over if you have time, or to areas such as your knees and elbows if not - to keep your skin feeling soft and supple. And of course, a great deodorant is a daily must-have. 

It’s crucial that your basic, everyday body care products don’t irritate or dry out your skin since you’ll use them so frequently. Are you wondering which bath and body products are good for sensitive skin? Our skincare experts love CeraVe products which are intentionally designed to not disrupt your skin’s natural barrier, and unscented products such as the unscented bath and body gift set by The Seaweed Bath Co. are also an excellent choice.

Do bubble baths have a hygienic purpose, or just recreational?

Bubble baths are not the same as bath gels - a bubble bath isn’t designed to clean the skin. However, a good-quality bubble bath will contain nourishing ingredients which boost the health of your skin, so they’re not only about creating a fun mountain of bubbles. If you’re wondering “what should I put in my bath for glowing skin?”, look for a bubble bath or bath oil which contains moisturizing ingredients such as plant oils or milk protein. Trust us, dry skin never looks glowy.