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Hair Sprays

Hair sprays are excellent styling aids that can deliver a wide variety of benefits to your hair. While hair sprays are commonly used to lock hair into place, there are many types of hair sprays that have different uses as well. Hydrating hair mists moisturize and condition the hair; hair oil mists add shine and softness; hair moisturizer sprays that are thicker versions of hydrating hair mists; and of course, holding sprays! Depending on your hair type, style, and need for hair spray, you may want to use different hair spray products for different occasions. Hair sprays are also excellent products to use to tame frizz and flyaways. Some hair spray products come in mist spray bottles, while others are in aerosol cans. Hair sprays are used on dry hair, and you can spray as much as you need to get coverage. For the best prices on hair sprays, shop at Editor’s Pick and receive free shipping on your order. 

FAQs on Hair Spray

How do I use hair spray or hair mist?

To use a hair spray or hair mist, simply shake your hair mist bottle or aerosol can to mix the product. Hold your mist spray bottle 18 inches from the section you want to spray and press down to apply until you’ve added the amount of hair spray you want. 

What is the difference between hair mist and hair spray?

Hair mists are lightweight types of hair sprays and usually come in mist spray bottles that lightly spritz the hair for a light hold. Many hydrating hair mists, hair oil mists and hair moisturizer sprays are examples of hair mists whereas ultra hold hair sprays and holding spray for natural hair are examples of stronger hair sprays. 

Is hair spray a necessary component of hair care?

Hair spray does not have to be used by everyone, but it can be of benefit to most people. It increases the longevity of your hair style between washes, smooths the hair, and adds shine. If you want to wet your toes slowly with hair spray, start with a hydrating hair mist as these are more lightweight than holding sprays and ultra hold sprays. If you like what it does, but feel that you need something more powerful, go for the strong-hold hair spray. 

Will hairspray dry my hair out?

Hair mists such as hydrating mist and hair oil mists add moisture to protect and nourish your hair in between washes. Other hair sprays, while they don’t necessarily contain moisture, will not dry out your hair if you are using a good shampoo and conditioner that keeps your hair nourished. You should also make sure that you thoroughly cleanse your hair with shampoo to remove any hair spray residue.