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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

BB & CC Creams

Go one step further than simply wearing foundation and buy BB cream or CC cream to truly perfect your complexion. Designed to be worn under foundation or on their own, BB & CC creams offer a number of benefits such as hydration and blemish coverage. They almost always offer sun protection, too.

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FAQs on BB & CC creams

What is the difference between BB and CC cream?

Both BB & CC creams can be thought of as a lighter-coverage alternative to foundation, but they do so much more than simply even out your skin tone. Think of them as a moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, and light-coverage foundation in one. The key difference is that BB cream offers the sheerest coverage, whereas CC cream is designed for more intense color correction while still being a middle step between BB cream and traditional foundation. 

What is BB cream used for?

‘BB’ stands for either beauty balm or blemish balm, depending on who you ask. Buy BB cream when you want a lightly tinted moisturizer that will conceal blemishes while maintaining a ‘no makeup’ look. BB creams typically also contain ingredients which brighten the skin while protecting it against sun damage and/or free radicals.

What is CC cream used for?

‘CC’ stands for color corrector or complexion corrector. Buy CC cream when you want to effectively hide redness or dark spots for a flawlessly even-looking skin tone, while also hydrating the skin and giving it a dose of anti-aging and sun protection goodness.