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Face Primers

Want to know the secret behind professional makeup looking so good, and lasting so long? Face primers! These function as a texture-perfecting makeup base, sealing pores and filling in fine lines so that your foundation and other makeup products glide on to deliver a visibly smoother finish. Face primers also ‘grab onto’ your makeup, for richer-looking colors that don’t fade.

And the best face primer formulations do even more than that. From brightening face primer to add a dewy glow through to ones with a corrective tint to even out skin tone, there’s a primer for every skin type. Scroll down to discover the best face primer for dry skin, the best face primers for oily skin, and everything in between!

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    MISSHA M BB Boomer 40 ml

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    Glo Shadow Primer

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    Create a vibrant eye statement that lasts. A combination of flexible, binding emollients creates a smooth, even canvas that bonds with eye shadow t...

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FAQs on face primers

What do face primers do?

Face primers create the ideal makeup base (i.e. perfectly smooth!) and also enhance its longevity by clinging onto color and filling in fine lines, so that makeup can’t settle into these creases as it usually would.

Many face primers come with additional benefits, too. For example, face primers for mature skin or for dry skin often contain hydrating ingredients (although note that they’re not a replacement for your moisturizer), while face primers for oily skin will typically contain mattifying ingredients that soak up oil to prevent shine.

Can I layer face primers?

Yes! While face primers are made for layering under makeup, they work great layered under one another too. You may wish to do this if you have multiple skin concerns, for example pairing a brightening face primer with a redness-correcting one.

Applying too much primer however can cause makeup slippage, so apply very thin layers only. If you’re wondering “Can I mix face primers?” on the other hand, the answer is maybe. A water-based primer won’t mix well with an oil-based primer, but by applying them one at a time and allowing each one to fully absorb before moving onto the other, you might be able to get the two to cooperate.

Are face primers bad for my skin?

For many people, face primers bring only benefits, but for those with acne-prone skin they can sometimes lead to breakouts. The key is to find a formulation that’s tailored to your skin type; the best face primer for dry skin may contain ingredients that make oily skin even oilier!

If you’re aiming to keep shine (and breakouts) at bay, you’ll probably want to choose a water-based primer over an oil-based one. Better yet, choose a targeted shine control face primer such as the Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Mattifying Face Primer.