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Treatments and Serums

The right skin care treatment, face serum and body skin care treatment can make all the difference in your complexion and treat skin concerns and initiate skin cell renewal. Promoting new skin cell growth is an essential part of any advanced skin care routine as this is what brings new, healthy skin to the surface to give a visible improvement in skin tone and clarity. From products made with the latest cutting-edge technologies, to ancient, Indian healing serums which draws out impurities, you'll find the right skincare treatment for your needs. Serums are also referred to as skin care treatments, and depending on their ingredients, they can be growth serums, moisturizing serums for dry skin, skin brightening serums and ageless serums that fight signs of aging. Skin care treatments and serums can be used in the morning after cleansing and as night serums after removing makeup. Depending on your skin type, you can choose a serum for dry skin or a serum for oily skin, or you can use a different morning serum than your night serum to incorporate more than one skin care treatment into your skin care routine.  

At Editor’s Pick, we have a wide selection of advanced skin care and skin care treatments to choose from to address every skin concern including body serums and scalp serums. We offer the best serum for acne scars from Dermalogica, growth factor serums from PCA Skin, serums for dry skin from Caudalie, serum for oily skin from Vita Liberata, the best antioxidant serums from Obagi, collagen face serums from Mavala, glow serums from Glo, body serums from Stila and skin brightening serums from Bareminerals. 

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FAQs on Treatments and Serums

What types of serums are there? 

There are all types of serums for every skin concern, as well as serums for all skin types and areas of the body. There are face serums for specific skin types such as acne serums and anti aging serums. There are growth factor serums such as brow growth serum, nail growth serum and scalp serum. There are also body serums that can be used to brighten, firm and even out skin tone on all areas of the body such as the decollete and legs. 

How do I apply face serum?

Before applying a serum, it’s important to thoroughly cleanse the area, whether it's a face serum or body serum, as this leaves the skin clean and prepared for the serum’s ingredients. Once the skin is cleansed, apply a dime-sized amount of your skin care treatment and apply to the designated area, gently massaging it in. Allow the serum to dry for a few moments before continuing with the rest of your skin care routine. 

How do I use serums for areas other than the face?

Most body serums and growth factor serums will have instructions to follow on how to use a serum and most body skin care treatments are applied directly to the specified area. An eyebrow growth serum is applied to the eyebrows as a brow growth serum. A nail growth serum is applied to the nails themselves to initiate growth. For a lip serum, simply apply to the lips. A scalp serum or hair growth serum is applied directly to the scalp at the base of the hair.