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Cleansing and Makeup Remover Products

Makeup remover is one of the most important tools for your skin care routine. Removing makeup leaves you with a clean, fresh face that prepares your skin for toners, serums and other face treatments so they can optimally penetrate the skin. Many face washes and cleansers can help remove makeup, but depending on the type of makeup and how heavy you apply it, a cleanser alone may not be enough. A makeup remover balm or eye makeup remover may be necessary to sufficiently remove makeup. 

If you don't thoroughly remove your makeup you are more susceptible to breakouts, uneven skin texture, buildup and a lackluster complexion. Not all makeup removers are the same and there are many different makeup removers and eye makeup removers to choose from. You can buy some of the best drugstore makeup remover or make your own diy makeup remover, but these cannot stand up to the quality ingredients and science-backed formulas from the best makeup remover brands at Editor’s Pick. Our best makeup removers include cleansers for combination skin from Dermalogica, eye makeup remover from Anthony, makeup remover cloth from Makeup Eraser, the best makeup remover from Jane Iredale, makeup remover balm from Eminence and the best cleansers for dry skin from Obagi.

FAQs on Cleansing and Makeup Removal Products

What is the best makeup remover for acne prone skin?

The best makeup remover for acne prone skin can be achieved by using an 

oil based makeup remover followed by one of our oily skin cleansers or cleansers for combination skin as these types of makeup removers and cleansers are strong enough to cut through the makeup, buildup and oil produced by acne-prone skin that contributes to pimples. 

What is the best makeup remover for sensitive skin?

It can be difficult to remove makeup from sensitive skin since sensitive skin types are prone to dryness, redness and inflammation. The best makeup remover for sensitive skin is a makeup remover balm that is hydrating and gentle, or cleansers for dry skin and cleansers for sensitive skin which have soothing and gentle ingredients that won't further dry the skin out or cause more irritation.

What is a makeup remover cloth or makeup remover towel?

Makeup remover cloth and makeup remover towels are cloths that are made from a fabric with special microfibers that can be passed over the face to gently remove makeup without the use of a makeup remover. They are an especially good eye makeup remover since they can be used to wipe around the hard-to-reach places of the delicate eye area. A makeup remover cloth is also better for the environment since it can be washed and reused.