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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Setting Sprays & Powders

Buy setting spray or setting powder to supercharge your makeup’s longevity! We’d all like our makeup to last past lunchtime, and these high-quality setting sprays and powders can make your looks last hours longer - potentially even all day. They’ll protect against wind, rain and sweat, and even prevent makeup transfer too.

And however you like to look, we’ve got the perfect formulation for you: tinted or translucent, liquid or powder, mattifying or pro-glow. Plus, there’s a product for every skin type, from hydrating setting sprays for dry skin to translucent setting powder for oily skin, to fragrance free setting spray for sensitive skin. Take a look at our range below, which has been curated by our beauty team to include all of your favorite premium brands.

FAQs on setting sprays and powders

What do setting sprays and powders accomplish?

Setting powder or setting spray ‘fixes’ your makeup in place, preventing it from slipping or fading so that you no longer have to worry about those mid-morning touch-ups!

Some setting sprays and powders are practically invisible, while others deliver a specific effect such as illuminating the skin for a dewy glow, or adding sheer, lightweight coverage (similar to a BB cream) through a tinted formula. Some setting sprays and powders also include additional skincare benefits, such as hydration or sun protection.

What is the difference between setting sprays and powders?

They both achieve a similar goal, but a setting powder will have a mattifying effect whereas setting sprays can better help to achieve a luminous, dewy finish. So as a general rule, if you have dry skin, buy setting spray, and if you have oily skin, buy setting powder.

Using setting sprays for oily skin won’t have the same shine-controlling effect, and using setting powder on dry skin has the potential to look cakey. The best setting powder for oily skin will be one specifically designed to absorb oil, such as Clinique’s Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder, while the best setting sprays for dry skin are those with hydrating ingredients, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Dewy Set which is rich in glycerin.

How do I apply setting sprays and powders?

Both setting spray and setting powder are applied as the last step in your makeup routine, to seal all of the other products in. For spray formats, hold the bottle around 12-14 inches from the face and mist a thin layer on. You can also spray some onto a Q-tip and gently dab it over dry eyeliner for added staying power.

For loose powder formats, use a large brush and dust the setting powder over your entire face, especially areas that get oily such as your T-zone. Pressed powders can be applied with either a brush or a makeup sponge/puff, and will offer higher coverage than a loose powder.

Setting sprays can also be applied alongside certain makeup products. For example, dampen your blending sponge with setting spray instead of water before applying foundation, or mist it onto the eyeshadow on your brush before you apply it to your lid.