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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Hand Soaps

Shop luxury liquid hands soap that does so much more than simply cleanse! From antibacterial handsoap (and hand sanitizer) to formulations that soften and smooth, your hands will be healthier - and more beautifully scented - than ever.

Use them as a foaming hand soap refill for your home hand soap dispenser, or simply use them as they are - made by luxury brands such as Antica Farmacista, many of these foaming hand soap products come in elegantly-designed bottles you’ll be happy to have on display in your bathroom or kitchen!

FAQs on hand soaps

What should I look for in hand soap?

Obviously, a good hand soap needs to provide effective cleansing. But it should do it in a way that doesn’t strip your skin and leave it feeling dry or irritated. So look for moisturizing or hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, glycerin, or coconut oil.

A key ingredient to avoid is triclosan. While it has long been used as an antibacterial agent in liquid hands soap, it was banned by the FDA a few years ago. Our hand sanitizers are alcohol-based, which also kills germs without the need for triclosan.

Which soap do most dermatologists recommend for your hands?

Dove has long been a favorite of dermatologists when it comes to soaps which are mild and gentle. The Dove Caring Hand Wash and Dove Nourishing Hand Wash are both specially formulated to be kind to your skin, turning a simple hand washing into an opportunity to heal and hydrate.

What is the difference between bar and liquid soap?

Liquid hands soap tends to have a lower pH level than bar soap, which makes it less drying. Additionally, it’s more likely to contain lots of moisturizing ingredients. Other key differences are that some bar soaps contain animal fats, making them unsuitable for vegans, and that liquid soaps can feel like the more hygienic option when you’re sharing the soap with lots of people (such as in a family home, or in your guest bathroom).

But what is the most effective hand soap, liquid or bar soap? The answer is neither - if they’re both good quality, they’ll both get your hands equally clean! So choosing which to buy really just comes down to personal preference.