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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →

Sexy Hair

Sexy Hair and Big Sexy Hair offer some of the best styling products for hair used by both professionals and consumers. An industry staple since 1998, Sexy Hair offers an entire range of hair products for your hair care routine, including shampoos, conditioners, serums, hair sprays and hair gels. Their Big Sexy hair shampoo cleanses and restores moisture to prep your hair before styling. For thin hair that lacks volume, Big Sexy root pump adds volume and thickness. The Sexy Hair texture spray also adds volume and a tousled feel for a look that says you just returned from the beach! The Curly Sexy hair curling cream is excellent for those with wavy and curly hair who wish to bring out their curl pattern and tame frizz at the same time. If you want more hold, the Big Sexy Hair spray tames frizz and locks styles into place, while the Sexy Hair gel can be used by men and women to slick back hair and lock curls into place. 

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FAQs on Sexy Hair

What is the difference between Big Sexy hair root pump and Big Sexy hair powder? 

Both the Big Sexy hair root pump and Big Sexy hair powder add volume and lift. The difference between these two products depends on the thickness of your hair. The Big Sexy hair powder is used on dry hair and adds instant volume and texture to medium and thick hair. If you have finer hair, the Big Sexy root pump mousse for thinner hair types is for you:  It will give you the volume you need. 

How do I use the Big Sexy hair root pump?

The Big Sexy hair root pump is a mousse that is used on wet hair. To use, shake the can and spray it into damp hair at the scalp and mid shaft areas of the hair. Do not use it on the ends as this will not help with volume. Blow-dry hair away from the scalp and see instant life!

How do I use the Big Sexy hair powder?

To use the Big Sexy hair powder, dry your hair completely. Turn your head upside down and gently shake the Big Sexy hair powder into areas where you want volume. For all-over volume, you can apply the powder to your entire head. Once you’ve applied it, gently massage the powder to spread the product so that it blends in with your hair.