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Up to 70% off Warehouse Sale →


Transform your hair from thin to thick in mere seconds! XFusion keratin hair fibers are easy-to-use, natural-looking and long-lasting hair replacements for women and men alike. Whether you’re looking for a solution for thinning hair, extension tracks, or visible roots between color appointments, this product does it all.

Made from high-quality, naturally-derived keratin protein, the XFusion hair fibers intertwine with your own hair strands thanks to tiny ridges, plus their innate static charge. Not only will they blend in undetectably for a natural look - even at the hairline - but they’re able to resist wind, rain and perspiration, while remaining quick and easy to shampoo out.

FAQs on XFusion products

How do I use XFusion keratin hair fibers?

You can simply shake the XFusion hair fibers onto dry, styled hair in the desired areas and gently pat or comb to disperse them. It’s recommended to follow up with XFusion FiberHold spray for better staying power.

For a truly flawless finish, there are also two very helpful tools in the XFusion hair products range. The spray applicator allows for more precise placement, while the hairline optimizer helps to create a soft, natural look along the hairline plus prevents fibers from falling onto your forehead.

Do XFusion hair fibers damage hair?

Not at all. While their static charge helps them to adhere firmly to your hair strands for long-lasting aesthetic benefits, removing them is as simple as shampooing your hair. XFusion keratin hair fibers don’t interfere with your natural hair growth in any way.

How do I find the right color keratin hair fibers?

This hair replacement for men and women comes in numerous natural colors, including white and gray. Plus, the base colors can be mixed together to create a custom blend, such as mixing black and white for ‘salt and pepper’ hair. So whatever your current hair color, from warm brown to strawberry blonde, you’ll be able to find or create an XFusion hair fiber shade to match it perfectly.